Mae'r hanes cryno hwn yn datblygu. Dilynwch y lincs i gael mwy o wybodaeth

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Oriel hen Lluniau / Historical Photo Gallery

This implement, here figured, was discovered in the first decade of the last century by the late Rev. John Daniel, rector of Ceidio and Llandudwen, 1897-1931, at Ffridd Cefn-y-gaer, Rhos Llandinwael, about a mile south-east of the village of Llaniestyn, Lleyn. Exact particulars are wanting. Daniel was either digging in search of evidence of the camp (caer), the presence of which is attested by the name Cefn-y-gaer, or examining certain graves, one of which he had several years pre. opened with the assistance of a workman who had knowledge of their location. Describing this latter excavation in his book entitled Archaeologia Lleynensis (1892), written in Welsh, he writes (p. 151) : "After digging down" in one of the graves which were "near 'Dinwal' in the field at the gable end of the house of Ffridd Cefn-Gaer," "we came at last to the slabs which covered the grave, the sides of which we found were neatly built of stones. The only remains noticed by us was a skull which we reverently replaced in the grave as we found it." The present writer was informed by Mr. Daniel of the discovery of the spearhead soon after it was made, but never had the chance of seeing it. After the Rector's death in 1931, inquiries about it were addressed on more. than one occasion to Mrs. Daniel, who apparently had no knowledge of its whereabouts. Once the writer carried out with her a search in the study at Llandudwen Rectory, but to no purpose. When Mrs. Daniel died in 1936 further fruitless inquiries were instituted. on a flying visit to the locality in July, 1941, the writer was informed that the implement was picked up after the sale at the Rectory, among rubbish cast aside, by Mr. Richard M. Jones, of Felin Madryn, where Mrs. Daniel spent her last years.


Bronze spearhead from Llaniestyn, Caernarvonshire.

A call was made on Mr. Jones, of Gors Annedd, Dinas, who kindly handed over the spear-head to the writer, who undertook to deposit it in the Bangor University College Museum, which was done in September, 1941. The spearhead belongs to the Late Bronze Age. Unfortunately the greater part of the socket has been broken off. The tip of the blade has also been slightly damaged. The present length is 5.25 in., and the breadth across the wings at the widest place 1.25 in. It is impossible to say whether there were in the socket perforations for pins to secure the haft. In a similar spearhead found at Caerwys , there are shallow loops about midway on the socket.





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