Cromlechi Rhiw Burial chambers

Cromlechi Tan-y-muriau

CHAMBERED LONG CAIRN, Tan-y-muriau at 400 ft. above O.D. on a hillside falling sharply to the S.E. The remains have been incorporated into a field boundary aligned N.W-S.E., and are now seen to consist of a mound of loose stone 35 m. long by 7 m. wide with a small ruined chamber at its N.W. end, and a larger chamber standing apart 8 m. further to the N.W.

The mound appears originally to have included the latter in its N.W. end and to have been considerably wider towards the N.E., but the material has been extensively robbed and disturbed in the construction of modern field walls.

The smaller chamber (Shown above) is formed by a capstone 3m. by 2m. by .3m. thick, which has apparently slipped to the S.E. so that only its N.W. side is supported on two slabshaped uprights .8ms. above the ground. Four other adjacent stones were probably part of the structure, but have been broken or disturbed. They may have formed a passage giving access from the S.W. side of the mound.

The larger (N.W.) chamber

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