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January 2002

Llanbedrog playing field Posted Thursday, January 31, 2002 by penllyn
A vigorous campaign is underway to try and bring the playing field at Llanbedrog back to something more than a bare field. Following a public meeting recently in the Glyn-y-Weddw a commitee of commited locals has set about trying to raise 5,000 to couple with 30,000 of possible grants.
All that remains at present on the field is an old climbing frame. The rest of the equipment has gradually been removed on safety grounds over the years. The park was opened on the Queens silver jubilee and will again be a place that locals can be proud of. If you can help in any way or have suggestions you can contact the committee leader Sharon Tomos on 740002. Fundraising activities are well underway and can be found on's calender.

Press release by the Playing field commitee-
The Chronicle, January 31, 2002

Playful solution

Llanbedrog mums try to rejuvenate playing field

A Group of Gwynedd mothers are aiming to renovate a local playing field, using children as designers.

The Llanbedrog playing Field Fund was formed at the end of November, 2001, and aims to renovate the site for the benefit of the local community. The scheme mirrors other successful initiatives such as the recent development by Gaerwen residents, on Anglesey.

In a true example of people power, pupils from Llanbedrog, Botwnnog School and the Urdd Playgroup will do a project at the site, drawing designs and making suggestions about how they feel the field should look.

Letters have been circulated to all Llanbedrog residents asking for their support for the project, after the local Community Council, itself unable to afford the renovations, explained that the Council could not apply for such funds.

The Fund has set its sights on contacting local businesses and asking for help with labour, materials or donations. They have even contacted TV Companies in the hope of getting a makeover, among them Groundforce.

Chairperson of the Fund, Sharon Tomos, explained what the Fund was trying to achieve.

We want to landscape a small garden with benches, a play park that is suitable for older and younger children and a small area for skateboarders and the like, as the children tend to be on the streets at the moment. We need somewhere for the youngsters to go.

They will be holding a public meeting to discuss the proposals at the Village Hall, Llanbedrog, on Friday, February 22, at 6.30pm. All age groups are invited to attend.

The group have vowed to continue their fundraising efforts, but should anyone wish to help with materials, labour or a donation, contact Chairperson Sharon Tomos on (01758)740 002.

Bin-liner Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2002 by penllyn
Whilst the rest of Gwynedd residents were being given wheelie bins to deal with domestic refuse, Dwyfor ratepayers were given bin bags. Now at least an earmarked 3000 households in Pwllheli will be given special plastic bins as part of a pilot project that will help with re-cycling.The scheme will provide a blue plastic box to each household to collect paper, glass, cans and textiles. (plastic and waste oil are not covered). Cllr., Dafydd Iwan who leads on the county council's environmental matters said " we are aiming to recycle 15% of the county's domestic refuse by 2004." If successfull the project will be rolled out across Gwynedd according to the council.
The 'waste' will be collected once every fortnight as the lorry will only be able to collect from 300 houses a day. untill the 'roll-out' reaches you , you will have to make do with bin bags and using the 'network' of waste paper and bottle banks.
You can obtain more information by phoning Steffan Owen on (01286) 679146 0r e-mail

Objective 1 Objections Posted Tuesday, January 29, 2002 by penllyn
The local Economic Partnership Chaiman has again hit out at the government of the national Assembly. Cllr. Richar Parry Hughes is reported to have critisised the way the assembly seems to concentrate on larger schemes, whereas in his opinion small schemes seem to work better in Gwynedd. Gwynedd distributed 750,000 in business grants last year, but had asked for double that figure from the assembly.
He said " The potential to start new businesses to create work in the region is being smothered by bureaucracy in Cardiff".

Catholic 'working' holidays Posted Monday, January 28, 2002 by penllyn
Restoration work is underway on the Catholic Church in Abersoch St. Garmons. It is estimated that about 100,000 is needed for work on the church and the adjoining flat that has remained empty since 1994. The Church designed by Clough Williams -Ellis (of Portmeirion fame)was built in 1950's and had two wings built on to accomodate the large numbers of worshipers who swelled the congregations during the summer months. The hope is that visiting priests will now be able to live in the flat as they 'work' their 'holidays'.

The Cist opens again Posted Monday, January 28, 2002 by penllyn
It must be coming to the end of the financial year again because Community organisations and voluntary groups are again being given the chance to apply for grants from the Cist Gwynedd fund. This annual appeal in the press by Gwynedd county council heralds the closing date of March 29th 2002.
Grants are available for- community safety work, land or buildings, children's playing facilities, community halls, creating linguistic, cultural and leisure opportunities, and work that safeguards or protects the environment.
Details and forms are to be had from Cist Gwynedd, Chief executives Dept., Gwynedd Council, Caernarfon. or tel 01286 679613 fax-679488 or e-mail .

Road Works Posted Monday, January 28, 2002 by penllyn
Welsh transport Minister Sue Essex has announced a 12.6m investment in work on the A499, one of the main road links to the area. This scheme will include a bypass for Clynnog. The other main route between Aberech and Llanystymdwy has also been earmarked 10m , but the results of a public inquiry are yet to be announced. It is expected that work will start on both projects during 2003/4.
It has been touted by many local councillors as being vital for job prospects in the area, especially the new land purchased by the council for industrial development at Y Ffr. As a direct result of the Clynnog By-pass 15 jobs will be lost at the Coach Inn hotel at Clynnog according to the manager Mr. Stephen Williams.

Nefyn's sewerage Posted Monday, January 28, 2002 by penllyn
The new sewerage plant to service the Communities of Nefyn and Morfa Nefyn could be up and running by March 2004. The new 'preffered' site is closer to Edern ( about 200yds downstream of Pont Edern) than the first location, but local councilors seem happy with the new site that will disharge into the Geirch below Edern. The origional proposed site, and two others were deemed as areas of outstanding natural beauty or areas of special scientific Interest by the Countryside Council for Wales. Ratepayers will now be able to see the new proposals during March. see article sep 27 2001

Peniel Chapel Llanbedrog Posted Thursday, January 24, 2002 by penllyn
Peniel Chapel at Llanbedrog could soon be demolished following the reccomendation that permission should be granted by the community council. The grade 2 listed building needs repair work of 60,000. and the small congregation cannot be expected to pay for the work. Cllr. Penri Jones voiced concerns over the number of councilors who abstained from the vote and spoke in favor of the application. Cllr. Brian Evans of Llanengan is reported to have said that he believes that this is only the tip of the iceberg and that many such applications will follow.
Ultimately Cadw will have to have the last say on the fate of this listed building. The falling congregation numbers may mean the destruction of many buildings that contribute greatly to the look of many communities in Llyn. The most visible reminders of the non-conformist heritage of Llyn's villages seems to be slowly crumbling away.

New Company - Cerrig Cyf. Posted Thursday, January 24, 2002 by penllyn
Cerrig Cyf., a new company based in Pwllheli are set to invest 700,000. The 152 year old John Williams and company has sold it's assets in the formation of the new company. Mr Mike Sol Owen co-owner of John williams & Co. is one of the five partners in this new venture.
Cerrig Cyf. will concentrate on producing worktops, fireplaces and vanity units made out of Slate and Granite, and will be based at a new factory on the glandon industrial estate. The company has been promised a Regional Assistance Grant from the national Assembly towards the cost of the building and buying new machinery. It is expected that the 4 strong workforce from John Williams will be joined by 6 others by the end of the year , and up to 16 within 3 years.
One of the company's new purchases will be a 130,00 computer controlled machine for 3d cutting work.
Cllr. Sol Owen and Michael Tanner of John Williams & Co. will be joined in the new company by Mr Sol Owens wife, Gwyneth, along with Glyn and Ian Williams from Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Question your- MEP-AM-MP Posted Thursday, January 17, 2002 by penllyn
Neuadd Sarn will be the venue for local people to ask questions of all their Plaid Cymru elected representatives this friday. The meeting held at 7.30 will be attended by five elected members. Two local county councillors will be present together with - Eurig Wyn M.E.P., Hywel Williams M.P. and Dafydd Wigley A.M., Translation facilities will be available for those who need them.

Alzheimer's help Posted Thursday, January 17, 2002 by penllyn
A new centre is to be opened in Penlan St. Pwllheli. The new drop-in centre for carers and anyone concerned for sufferers of dementia will open at the C.A.B. building on tuesdays and Fridays between 11am and 3pm from the 29th of January. The Alzheimer's Society drop-in centre will be run on a voluntary basis, and will provide help and support.

Armed police Posted Thursday, January 17, 2002 by penllyn
Armed police were called to Abersoch on wednesday, there were reports of a gunman at a hotel, the seige lasted from 9.30 -1.20 when police took a man into custody at Caernarfon police station. It is beleived the gun concerned was an air gun.

Dafydd Wigley -leaving politics Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2002 by penllyn
Dafydd Wigley is to leave politics. After 27 years as M.P. for Caernarfon and then as A.S. in Cardiff, he has decided not to stand for the assembly again in May next year. Mr. Wigley who was president of Plaid Cymru between 1981-84 and re-elected seven years later cited health and age as being the factors responsible for his decision. He has justly been described as having made a huge contribution to Politics in Wales and has generally been regarded as an exemplary constituency M.P.
The vacuum created by the retirement of such a gargantuan political thinker will not only be felt locally, but will be made vaster by the re-tierment of Cynnog Davies and Phil Williams from Plaid's ranks at the next elections. Mr. Wigley hopes to be able to devote more time to his work with movements that assist the disabled, and more time for himself to walk and travel.

No show for sheep Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2002 by penllyn
The Nefyn Show looks as though it will not be held again this Easter after it's forced break of last year. The traditional Easter Monday show was set to return this year, but it now appears that lack of clarity by D.E.F.R.A. regarding lingering restrictions due to foot and mouth means this is the second year the show will not go ahead. The show, amongst the earliest in the calender was cancelled for the first time in it's 108 year history last year.
With only a few short weeks before the event there still seems to be some confusion regarding the regulations governing sheep. A lack of clarity by the govt. is blamed for the decision.

Byw Fyddi Nant Gwrtheyrn? Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2002 by penllyn
Plans to renovate Capel Seilo in Nant Gwrtheyrn seem to have hit a hurdle. It was widely reported in the local press on dec 13-15th , that the old Chapel was to receive a new lease of life at the heart of an ambitious and visionary ten year plan for the Language centre. The Chapel itself was to be used as an interpretation centre with wide ranging benefits for the whole area. Later phases would include turning two derelict buildings into a National craft centre and an information technology centre. Building work was expected to start towards the end of this month after wide consultation and almost universal appraisal.
It is now reported that in a written report, prepared by Dwyfor planning officer Griff Morris it states that - it was recommended that he should be authorised to grant permission. But at a Dwyfor Area Planning Committee last week, he is reported to have said- ' having given the application further consideration, he was surprised by his own recommendation. ' he then said- " I am tempted to change my opinion" , and then said - " If you want my honest opinion, I would recommend that permission be refused".
Whilst we expect planning applications to be considered and even given further consideration, and not withstanding the fact that all are open to temptation, we do admire honest opinions from public sector workers. Perhaps it was just such unashamed 'openness' that prompted local Cllr. William Arthur Evans to say that he found it difficult to respond to such comments. A decision was made to defer the issue.
A 'big-brother' style tv show is to be filmed in nant before too long perhaps if the contestants included council planners it would be quite entertaining.

Small Towns and villages initiative Posted Saturday, January 12, 2002 by penllyn
Nefyn could soon see the creation of a deep water harbour in the near future. At present the nearest anchorage is at Porthdinllaen. This could be one scheme put forward to boost the Fishing and tourist industries around Nefyn.
The area has been accepted as part of the WDA small towns and villages initiative. The outline bid supported by Gwynedd Council in June 2001 included the communities of Nefyn and Morfa Nefyn, Pistyll, Llithfaen, Llanaelhaearn and Trefor. The council Board has now supported a bid to extend the area covered following the Assembly' decision that further funds would now be made available for rural communities from 2001- 2004. The area now encompasses Tudweiliog, Botwnnog, Llanengan, Llanbedrog,, Efailnewydd, Buan and Abererch.
It was expected that the same kind of benefits that have been obtained by the 'Slate valleys initiative' will now take place in the Granite quarry communities- from Trefor to Morfa Nefyn. This wider area may now become eligible to secure W.D.A. business and Environmental grants. These grants require local action plans to be in place.
It was anounced in a recent community council meeting that the deep water harbour was one of a number of ideas that was put forward after consultations in Nefyn. Henry Roberts from the Councils economic development dept. said that they were looking forward to doing a lot of work in the area over the next three years.

Casey Jones Posted Saturday, January 12, 2002 by penllyn
The last through train from Birmingham to Pwllheli will arrive at the platform in Pwllheli on Sunday. The only remaining through rail link will finally be axed this weekend. The strategic rail Authority have succeeded where Beeching failed. Concerns have been raised by both Elfyn Llwyd and local M.P. Hywel Williams who in recent questions in parliament were given assurances that the future of the Cambrian coast line were assured by Transport Ministers. They were told that detailed plans on investment in the infrastructure would be contained in the plans to be unveiled on monday the 14th of january. In answers to the assembly on Jan 16 Rhodri Morgan said that the Strategic Rail initiative was more about consolidating services. Time it would appear will only show the fate of the cannonball express.

No Hymn sheets for sale on the Maes Posted Saturday, January 12, 2002 by penllyn
The plans to open Pwllheli market on Sundays fo a trial period seems to have come to an end. In a meeting of Gwynedd councils Markets and Fairs sub-committee last November the plan was put forward , but a decision could not be reached and there were objections from a number of quarters.
The plan was, however, finally scuppered in a Dwyfor area Committee meeting on Monday when arguments on religious and cultural grounds coupled with the opposition of Pwllheli chamber of commerce sealed it's fate.

Do you want jam on that? Posted Thursday, January 10, 2002 by penllyn
A local Jam factory will soon be expanding and creating up to 11 new jobs in the area. The Welsh lady preserves Factory just outside Y Ffr is too small to accommodate expansion plans. 58 acres of land that surrounds the factory was bought by Gwynedd Council last year at Brynllangedwydd, and the council has decided to sell three acres in order that the development proceeds.
Earlier last year the Council let a vacant unit on the Nefyn industrial estate to the company to be used as a warehouse. This was the first tenant for these units since they were built last century.

Skate-bored Posted Sunday, January 6, 2002 by penllyn
Pwllheli Town Council are to earmark 5,000 towards the cost of a skateboard park on the Maes. A site visit has been made on waste ground between the toilets and funland. This follows repeated calls by enthusiasts over the last year. At present the seats in front of the Conservative club are a favourite place to congregate, prompting fears over safety.

Council Structure Posted Saturday, January 5, 2002 by penllyn
Results from the survey conducted by the council into the opinions of citizens as to the future political structure of the council have been announced.
2,876 people responded to the leaflet distributed throughout Gwynedd by the council, and 64% agreed with the councils much favoured option - that of a council board as the principal forum for decisions.

Cross town traffic Posted Friday, January 4, 2002 by penllyn
In re-newed calls for better road links between Llyn and the rest of Gwynedd, local A.M. Dafydd Wigley has again stressed the importance of improvements to two of the main roads to the area. He is calling for improvements to the roads between Llanaelhaearn and Aberdesach, and also near the Haven (Butlins) holiday camp.
A council spokesman is reported to have said " The construction plans for the locality have been drawn up and submitted to the Assembly." He also said that the process could take years!
(the amber light will turn green, but wait till we put the lights up !)

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