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January 2005

Major investement by BT in Llyn. Posted Saturday, January 15, 2005 by penllyn
Major investement by BT in extending the fibre network in Llyn has started this week. This is the latest move by BT as a result of the B.B. campaign that resulted in the Aberdaron exchange reaching it's trigger level early last year.
The fibre is being installed by a Shropshire company, Wrekin, on behalf of BT and will take 8 weeks to complete. The work will take place on the B4413 from Aberdaron to Botwnnog, a distance of 4.7 miles. "It's a very positive thing to bring broadband to a remote part of the country." said Mike Penney of Wrekin. "We aim to keep disruptions to a minimum."
As the work begins, information letters are to be sent to all residents on the road affected. There will also be pre-work signs erected. The road may have to be closed for a time with traffic being diverted, but the company could not say at this point how much disruption there would be except that it would be minimal.Wrekin are also setting up freephone number that residents can call if they have any individual problems. The freephone number is, 0800 525637.

This is the the most westerly exchange in North Wales and shows that all BT exchanges in the 01758 area will soon be adsl enabled. Due to committed local campaigners, western Gwynedd is now the most adsl enabled rural area in the UK!.

Even so, Gwynedd as a whole, still lags behind the rest of Wales-

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