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February 2002

Gwynedd Chief exec. makes rush decision Posted Friday, February 22, 2002 by penllyn
It is reported this week that Gwynedd county council has finally, recognised Nefyn as a Town. This rash decision on the council's part came as welcome news to the Town council meeting this week. There must have been many hurried meetings and rushing around corridors in shire hall before the Chief Executive finally capitulated. A spokesman was not forthcoming from the council, but a spokesman for the black Prince said - Yes, Nefyn has been a town since 1284.
Other scant evidence included a Royal Charter, town hall, a coat of arms, and Nefyn Town Trust.

Community Skips Posted Friday, February 22, 2002 by penllyn
On thursday evening the Nefyn Fire Brigade was called out on two occasions to deal with a fire at the community skip on Ffordd Dewi Sant. The site of the skip is less than a molotov's throw from the newly built police station. The site of the skips has again been concerning locals with people dumping fridges and all sorts around the overflowing skips. The whole site was a mess by Friday, by which time the skips taken there on monday were almost lost under a mountain of rubbish.
Community skips can be found this week 25th-1 march near Penbryn Llidiardau, and at Trefor.

Nefyn road signs Posted Thursday, February 21, 2002 by penllyn
Gwynedd Highways dept. have been informed of the fact that the 'Nefyn' road sign on the way to pistyll has gone missing. It remains doubtful that they will be able to find Nefyn to replace the sign because the 'Nefyn' sign on the Pwllheli side has been missing for the last twelve months. This could be a job for Maldwyn and Scully following the strange occurance of signs in Edern and Pistyll swapping round in the middle of the night. Or it could just be a sign of the times, Abersoch cllr's were debating the erection of a 4th or 5th sign in Abersoch only last month.

Abersoch Clean up Posted Thursday, February 21, 2002 by penllyn
A 600,000 plan to improve the bathing water in Abersoch is about to start. The two phase plan will vastly improve the quality of the water according to Dwr Cymru, the first movements will be made shortly. The new system will reduce the risk of sewage spills. The system is put under pressure due to the number of visitors during the summer. It is planned that the second phase will begin in November and be completed by Feb. 2003.

20,001 Saints Posted Thursday, February 21, 2002 by penllyn
A plan for a new cemetry on Ynys Enlli (Bardsety Island) was laid before Dwyfor area planners this week. There is evidently still space on the island of 20,000 saints, and Bardsey Island Trust came up with the idea after people had expressed a wish to have their remains buried there. Planning officials were prepared to grant permission on completion of a 'study' of the site. The decision was left, so as to discuss the issue further. Aberdaron Community council have already expressed their cool reaction to the plan.
(according to the Cambrian News, the study of the site is archaeological, the C&D Herald say an ecological study. As far as we can make out the study will be logical and not conducted by journalists.)

Antur Dwyryd-Llyn Posted Thursday, February 14, 2002 by penllyn
Dafydd Wyn Jones , managing director of Antur Dwyryd Llyn the local business development agency has added to comments made by others that the underfunding of business development grants in Gwynedd could be detrimental to the local economy.
He blames the Objective 1 National panel, who only agreed to half of the sum asked for in the bid last year. ( 1.4m + matched funding to make 2.8m).His comments come shortly before the Council consider alternative ways of funding business grants later this week. The initial plan was for the project to run for 3 years, but the funding has already run out.
Figures quoted for 2000/1 were- advisors had dealt with 5,751,946 of development project, 182 new jobs were created and 89 new start-ups were created. Up until the end of January this year, 296 new jobs were created, and 107 new start-ups during the 10 month period. 1999/2000 saw 200 new jobs and 66 new start-ups.

Community skips Posted Thursday, February 14, 2002 by penllyn
Community Skips can be found this week 18-22 Feb.- between Sarn Bach and Abersoch. Efailnewydd. Y Ffor. Between Sarn and Botwnnog. Llangybi (troed Y Garn).

Pwllheli Dog Fouling Posted Thursday, February 14, 2002 by penllyn
The persistant subject of dog fouling was again on the agenda of Pwllheli town council this week. Cllr. Evan John Hughes is reported to have said " Signs can be seen on almost every pole in the area,but there is also a pile of dog dirt at the base of each pole. The situation is quite laughable". Gwynedd Council's Health Officer , Tim Hughes, supported the call for stricter control. The Dog wardens will now keep an eye on the situation and have the authority to issue 25 on the spot fines. Extra dog dirt bins are also on the way so - Dog owners watch your step!

Abersoch Wakestock Posted Thursday, February 14, 2002 by penllyn
The wakestock Festival has outgrown Abersoch, this acording to Mark Durston one of the events organisers. The event, one of the most popular events of the calender in Llyn will now move location from the confines of Abersoch and it's one-way system, towards Pwllheli. This years festival base will be at Penrhos nr. Pwllheli and will be held on the 26th-27th of july. For more information visit-

Council Tax Rise Posted Monday, February 11, 2002 by penllyn
Comments have been widely spread in the press this week by the council's leader Alun Ffred Jones regarding possible council tax increases of up to 9%. This despite the Assembly's announced increases to the local Government revenue settlement. The increase is more than 8% for the year 2002/3. Edwina Hart the minister responsible said " It will boost public services and improve the quality of life for the people of Wales. The council leader cites Teachers' pay increases and new responsibilities in the area of social services amongst reasons for the envisaged increase. He is quoted as saying "It will be imposible to achieve these and other responsibilities, whilst keeping the tax increase down to the 7% which the Assembly forsees. A decision on various options will be taken on Feb 28th.
The council is yet to decide on their own pay increases that are said to be 100%. This non- performance related increase is set to bring councilors ' pay in line with Assembly guidelines. at present the 83 councillors basic allowance is 4,400 plus 1,000 expenses. The increase would take it to 9,907. Council leaders and portfolio managers allowances are also set to increase dramatically following the restructuring of the Council recently.

Pwllheli Sea Defences Posted Saturday, February 9, 2002 by penllyn
Work has now started on repairing the sea defences at traeth crugan in Pwllheli. The cost of the scheme has DROPPED! from the expected 80,000 to 50,000 thus enabling the council to pay for the work itself , and not having to rely on the 30,000 grant from the assembly that it said it needed before work started.

Community skips Posted Saturday, February 9, 2002 by penllyn
Pwllheli Town councillors have expressed concerns over the misuse of community skips in the town. Cllr. Evan John Hughes of Pwllheli said that the North Quay area of Pwllheli turned into an eyesore every time the monthly rota results in the skips being there. Cllr, Alan Williams said "we should be ashamed of the mess created. The skips are there for residents of the community. The service is currently being abused by business mainly builders and farmers.
Skips will be found next week (11th-15th) at Ffordd Dewi Sant Nefyn, Y Ganolfan car park Llithfaen, and at Tre'r Ddol Rhydyclafdy.

Steam rally Posted Thursday, February 7, 2002 by penllyn
Plans are underway to expand and develop the Llyn vintage rally. Rally organiser Joy King is now looking for sponsorship for the fourth Llyn vintage rally that is held during August annually at Bodvel Hall Boduan. This years event will be held on August the 16th-18th. Potential sponsers can contact Joy on (01766) 810279.

Nefyn Library Posted Tuesday, February 5, 2002 by penllyn
An extension will be built at the library in Nefyn to accommodate a new public access point computer. The flat roof extension will cover 24 square metres, and was approved by Dwyfor area planners last week.

Bryn Beryl X-Ray Negative Posted Tuesday, February 5, 2002 by penllyn
Rumours that the oldest X-ray machine in Wales was terminally ill have been confirmed. The x-ray machine at ala rd. Pwllheli has been out of action since before christmas. It now appears as though the machine cannot be repaired because parts are no longer available. The machine is believed to have come from the old C & A hospital in Bangor about 20 years ago. Rumours that Marie Curie installed the machine are unfounded.
Patients in some parts of Dwyfor now face a round trip of up to 90 miles to use the nearest machine at Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor. The plans for a new X-ray machine at Bryn Beryl, announced by North West Wales Health Trust last year are still a long way down the pipeline. A spokesman said that the trust is yet to find the money needed for the project.

School Sarn Bach Posted Sunday, February 3, 2002 by penllyn
The village school at Sarn Bach has been given a 230,000 facelift. A new extension was built on the school, a new heating system installed along with a new hall, cloakrooms and toilets. There have been calls for more space at the school for years. The new extension was officialy opened by Cllr. Bryan Evans on Friday evening and was marked by a special events put on by the 67 pupils.

Cat napping Posted Sunday, February 3, 2002 by penllyn
Permission was granted last week at a Dwyfor area planning committee for a Kennels and cattery at Llannor. The proposed development at Rhos Y Foel will accomodate 40 dogs and 20 cats.

Botwnnog scwl Posted Sunday, February 3, 2002 by penllyn
Botwnnog school has received a glowing report from school inspectors that inspected the school during November 2001. The report showed that 99% of the classes were of satisfactory standard or better, and that academic standards and the provision for pupils with special educational needs was good.
THe inspectors described the school as " a civilised caring and happy community". Headmaster William Jones is reported to have said " The school promoted the pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development within a safe, family community with its Welsh ethos."

Foot & Mouth Compo. Posted Friday, February 1, 2002 by penllyn
Foot & Mouth compensation payments of 1.8m have been paid out by gwynedd county council to a total of 340 businesses in Gwynedd. A few larger businesses were given the maximum payment of 50,000, but 1/3 of those businesses that actually aplied received nothing. This was the second round of compensation that followed a 1.5m handout last summer.
Gwynedd's business and operations assistant Alun Roberts said that practically all the money had been allocated. Fears that the compensation would not be given to businesses that were affected but not directly linked to farming have been expressed again. This seems to have been rebutted by Mr Roberts who is reported to have said "We have compensated many secondary businesses.... grocers, bakers and those affected indirectly." The fact that 135 less businesses were compensated in the second round was also explained -" Some businesses changed their business plan during the crisis and moved from tourist activity to another form of trade."
The knock-on affect of businesses moving into other areas presumably for the most part occupied by existing business will probably never be quantified. Neither will the loss to those businesses who lacked the resources to apply for compensation, or those businesses that did not show a downturn on their books due to increased activity and expanding business.
Even so Gwynedd Council should be commended for distributing the funds allocated to Gwynedd's businesses by the National Assembly so efficiently. A sum of 300,000 was also allocated to help finance festivals and fairs and other community events. This sum coupled with the 3 strong events comission team should prove a welcome boost to the wider community. Nant Gwrtheyrn are advertising a post for an events co-ordinator.

Local Government Revenue Posted Friday, February 1, 2002 by penllyn
Edwina Hart minister for Local Government and communities has announced increases to the local Government revenue settlement. The increase is more than 8% for the year 2002/3. She said " It will boost public services and improve the quality of life for the people of Wales.
The assembly is also providing an extra 1.3m throughout wales to help local government with e-government projects, and strategic waste disposal projects.

Police fundraising Posted Friday, February 1, 2002 by penllyn
North Wales police commissioner Mr Richard Brunstrom has been leading calls for an increase of 20p a week to the rates (band D), in order to fund more police officers. This would mean an extra 30 officers.
How many new officers would be seen by Dwyfor rate-payers was not announced.

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