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May 2001

Gwynedd council not listening Posted Thursday, May 31, 2001 by newsroom
Town Councillors in Pwllheli are claiming that Gwynedd Council officers aren't taking any notice of letters sent to them. Cllr. Wil Parry was reported to have expressed his deep concern at a council meeting on wednesday, saying that letters writen three months ago concerning rubbish left around Cardiff Rd. had not had the desired effect and that the rubbish was still there. He said " Although we as a council represent the residents, I dont think we are getting any more attention from the council officers than any individual would. It angers me that we sit here every month and so little is accomplished."
Cllr. Glyn Roberts said" We might as well hit our heads against a wall- we have been asking for the same things to be done for years. It is as if they have a large pool in Caernarfon that they throw everything into."
Cllr. Parry said " I think that the attitude that is taken is wrong, it looks as though everything is thrown from one desk to another- everyone seems to want to clear their desks and throw the responsibility on someone else."
Gwynedd Councils chief Executive said '' I am very dissapointed that some of Pwllheli town councillors feel this way." A recent survey by Research and Marketing showed 64% saying that they were satisfied with the way the authority was run. will now also run a survey, this time an independent one! and can be found at- < >

Sailing Events Pwllheli Posted Thursday, May 31, 2001 by newsroom
Between September the 5th and 8th, Pwllheli will become the focus for activities in Llyn with the arrival of the one ton cup competition. Pwllheli is the first venue to hold the event in Britain. The event took place in Greece last year and also in Marseilles in France. Pwllheli won the bid to hold the event this year ahead of Cowes and Cork in Ireland, and the event is expected to attract thousands of spectators to watch this prestigeous event. Sky television will be covering the event and it is envisaged to be a boost to the towns business.
The preceeding week will also be busy with The Laser two world championship being hed in Pwllheli. About 100 boats are expected to compete. The following week will see Abersochs South Caernarfon Yacht Club holding the Euro Sportsboat event out in Cardigan Bay.

Enillydd y medal rhyddiaeth Posted Thursday, May 31, 2001 by newsroom
Enillydd medal rhyddiaeth Gwyl yr Urdd 2001 yw Owain Sion o Llwyndyrus ger Y Ffôr. Mae Owain yn aelod o aelwyd Chwilog.

Llanbedrog Beach Posted Wednesday, May 30, 2001 by newsroom
Work has been continuing on making the beach at Llanbedrog even more attractive with the errection of 45 new traditional styled beach huts on the beach. The beach was bought by the National Trust last August and Paul Lewis the Trusts area Warden has been busy getting the beach prepared for the season. The beach will have a safe bathing area with boats being prohibited from one area. The community council is responsible for the comissioning of a new statue to replace the famouse 'Tin Man' errected on the headland in the 1980's but has now weathered away. This keeps up the old tradition started by the placing of a ships figurehead on the headland some 100 years ago. People will be able to go to this enchanting family beach and then climb the path to the statue and walk around the headland that has magnificant views of cardigan bay and its backdrop of mountains.

Pwllheli Mayor Posted Wednesday, May 30, 2001 by newsroom
Councillor Betty Jones Parry has been re-elected as mayor of Pwllheli, with Cllr. Glyn Roberts as deputy.

Caravan Planning Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2001 by newsroom
Dwyfor area planning comittee have refused permission for a boat storage area near a caravan park at penyberth. Due to new rules about the storage of boats alongside caravans, caravan sites now have to provide an area a safe distance away. Liscencing conditions are now forcing caravan site owners to seek planning permission.
Another application for six boats at Bwthyn Pant Gwyn in Sarn Bach was approved.

Elizabeth Watkin Jones Posted Tuesday, May 29, 2001 by newsroom
Mae Cyfeillion Llyn ar y cyd gyda cyngor cymuned Nefyn am ddadorchuddio plac yn Garth Hudol Rhodfa'r môr Nefyn i goffhau Elizabeth Watkin Jones 1887-1966. Awdures nifer o llyfrau plant poblogaidd.

What a load of rubbish Posted Wednesday, May 23, 2001 by newsroom
Gwynedd County Council blamed illegal fly-tipping for the excesive amount of rubbish found at Nefyn last week. Scenes reminicent of the good old days of the 'open' landfill at Ceidio were seen at the site of the community skip on Ffordd dewi Sant. Shocked by the fact that a consumer society produces waste and that local ratepayers expected the council to provide a service, a spokesmen said that all four skips were emptied three times daily.
Following complaints about the amounts of rubbish on the site on Wednesday, the council deployed a tractor to move the rubbish around a bit. On Friday evening the site was finaly cleared with the deployment of an additional lory and a tractor.
A council spokesperson was reported to have said- "The community skips are provide for domestic waste, these are used by the majority of people to help keep their properties tidy. However, there are some irresponsible individuals who abuse the system and fly-tip illegaly. This is an increasing problem which causes a great concern on council resources."
A local resident is reported to have said- "It's scandalous" and " what a load of rubbish". A similar scene of a skip full to overflowing and then overflowing could be found at Tudweiliog last week.
The location of the Aberdaron skip has recently been moved from Chwarel Ty'n y Mynydd to Pen-Y-Bryn Llidiardau and thus depriving the residents of Aberdaron of the skip altogether. The move was apparently due to children hanging around the old location, overhead cables and its proximity to the road. Other theories include the council trying to hide skips from the public and the policy of trying to centralise things by keeping all the rubbish nearer to Caernarfon. The location of community skips used to be published quite frequently in the local newspapers and can still be obtained at Dwyfor's offices in Pwllheli.

The next Skip -fills will be held on-
May 29-June 1, at-
Llanbedrog (near church hall)
Rhoshirwaun ( ger Penbryn )
Botwnnog ( rhwng Sarn a Botwnnog)
Sarn Bach ( rhwng Sarnbach a Abersoch)

£20,000 Arts boost for Llyn Posted Saturday, May 19, 2001 by penllyn
Gwynedd is one of four councils to receive a grant of £20,000 from the Welsh Arts Council. Gwynedd have earmarked £5,000. This follows a review of arts provisions for young people in rural areas held by the arts council in January. The pilot scheme a two year project, will concentrate on an area between Llanbedrog, Edern and Aberdaron, and will include young people between the ages of 14 and 25.
It is envisaged that the new village hall at Sarn will be a focal point for many of the activities which may include- rock schools,creative writing classes, modern dance and sculpture. One of the first activities will be a forum with representatives of all young people in the area to find out what they want.
"Depending on the needs of the young people involved, events and activities will then be funded to develop any element of the Arts within the regular programmes of clubs and institutions that work with young people." said Elen Wyn Jones, community Arts Officer for Gwynedd county council.

Pwllheli Sea Defences Posted Friday, May 18, 2001 by newsroom
Funding to strengthen the dunes west of the West end in pwllheli will not be forthcoming this year. Estimated costs of the work needed to ensure that a large part of Pwllheli are not flooded are about £650,000.
45% of the cost would be paid for by The National assembly under a costal defences grant. The flooding of Pwllheli during the winter due to rainfall would be nothing compared to the flooding envisaged if the coastal defences were to be breached. The golf club would be the first to suffer and then a large number of Pwllheli rate payers would find dwellings and business premises under water.

Church at Llandygwnning Posted Friday, May 18, 2001 by newsroom
A bid has been put forward by a community group to try and secure a 999-year lease on the church at Llandygwnning. The bid has been sent to the church in wales and ideas have been proposed for it's future use. At present the priority is safeguarding the Church and graveyard.

Brenin y Mecryll Posted Friday, May 18, 2001 by newsroom
Mae hi’n ras flynyddol gan bysgotwyr yr ardal i ddal macrell cynta’r
tymor, Enillydd y Ras Facrell eleni ydy Vaughan Jones, Tryfan,
Rhiw. Fe ddaliodd y macrell cyntaf ym Mhorth Neigwl ar Ebrill29.
Hyd y gwyddom, hwn oedd y macrell cyntaf i’w ddal yn 2001 ac
felly Vaughan ydy ‘Brenin y Mecryll’.

Neuadd Sarn Posted Friday, May 18, 2001 by newsroom

Neuadd Sarn fydd Cartref Gweithgaredd Celfyddydol i Ieuentid Llyn Gyda Neuadd Goffa Sarn ar ei gwedd newydd bron yn barod i agor (bydd agoriad swyddogol ar Fehefin 29) mae cynllun ar y gweill i gael gweithgareddau newydd i ieuenctid. Mae cynllun gwerth £lO,OOO wedi llwyddo i dderbyn nawdd. Elen Wyn Jones, Swyddog Celfyddydau Cymunedol Cyngor Gwynedd, wnaeth y cais ar ran yr ardalwyr. Bu Elen draw yn Llyn yn cael gair hefo pobl ifanc .Ysgol Botwnnog a Choleg Meirion Dwyfor, yn ogystal ag arweinwyr ieuenctid lleol. Y bwriad ydy cael gweithgareddau celfyddydol o ddewis yr ifanc ar gyfer yr ifanc, e.e. gweithdai roc, drama neu ysgrifennu.
Sarn fydd y canolbwynt ond mae’r prosiect ar gyfer ieuenctid Llyn i gyd. Fe fydd llawer o waith trefnu a thrafod i’w wneud yn ystod yr wythnosau nesaf a bydd rhaid tynnu pawb at ei gilydd i wneud yn fawr o’r cyfle yma.

WW2 Bomber wreck off Nefyn Posted Friday, May 18, 2001 by newsroom
The wreck of a WW2 De Havilland Mosquito has been discovered just off Nefyn beach by a local fisherman Mr Colin Dobson. It was whilst he was pulling in his nets last year that they became snagged on something . When he finally freed the nets, bits of copper tubing and a tap came up. Local mechanic Bob Trenholme told him that they were probably bits off an aircraft. Last week Colin asked a local diver Mr Mike Duke to dive at the location and he discovered the wreck of the light bomber. The dive was taped on video and permission sought off the R.A.F. to raise the aircraft.
Last week a friend of Colin's, Mike Jones owner of the 38ft boat Cara Lee helped in salvaging one of the aircrafts two engines and a propeller. It is hoped to raise more soon and give the parts to Dinas Dinlle aircraft museum.
After making enquiries Colin and Mike found that the aircraft probably crashed on October the 11th 1944. Records show that the former French lifeboat Jean Charcot on temporary duty at Porthdinllaen was launched at 11.47 am after an aircraft was reported to have crashed some three miles North East of Porthdinllaen. An R.A.F. rescue launch was also sent to the scene and a body was found at 1.30 pm.

Environmental Grants Posted Thursday, May 17, 2001 by newsroom
Llyn is to benefit over the next three years with up to £150k to help launch environmental projects. Gwynedd Council will manage the fund in Llyn on behalf of the Countryside Council for Wales as part of the £750k Environment Development Fund set up by the National Assembly.
Chaiman of the Llyn Area of outstanding National Beauty consultative commitee- Cllr. Wyn Williams is reported to have said " Hopefully we will receive ideas which will be of benefit to the area. I would urge groups and all local community councils to put on their thinking caps so that we see benefits from this fund in Llyn."
Project ideas should be sent to Gwynedd councils planning dept..

£150,000 yn Hwb i Harddwch Llyn Posted Thursday, May 17, 2001 by newsroom
Bydd Penrhyn Llyn yn elwa o gronfa datblygu’r amgylchedd gwerth £750,000 sydd wedi’i sefydlu gan y Cynulliad i roi help llaw i Ardaloedd o Harddwch Naturiol Eithriadol ac y mae Pen Llyn ymhlith y 5 ardal yma sydd wedi’u dynodi trwy Gymru. Bydd £l50,000 ar gael dros y tair blynedd nesaf i helpu nifer o brosiectau gwreiddiol. Nid dim ond
prosiectau amgylcheddol all elwa. Amcan y gronfa yw cadw neu wella harddwch naturiol gan gynnwys amgylchedd adeiledig; hybu mathau cynaladwy o ddatblygiad cymdeithasol ac economaidd; hybu lles economaidd a chymdeithasol cymunedau lleol yn ogystal â hybu mwynhad tawel o’r ardal. Mae’r cynllun am weld prosiectau cynaladwy, rhai sy’n dangos fod pobl yn gallu byw a gweithio yn ein hardaloedd harddaf tra’n cyfrannu at werth ein hamgylchedd. Gall unigolion (gyda Phrosiectau fyddai o fudd i'r gymuned ehangach), grwpiau gwirfoddol neu gynghorau cymuned wneud cais.
Bu’r cynllun yn rhedeg eisoes’ yn y Parciau Cenedlaethol. Yno rhoddwyd cefnogaeth i gynllun hyfforddiant mewn ffarmio organig, storio hadau cynhenid, cynllun compostio cymunedol a llwybr celf. Cyngor Gwynedd fydd yn rheoli’r gronfa ar ran y Cyngor Cefn Gwlad. I wneud cais cysylltwch ag Arwel Jones, Swyddog Adfywio Llyn ar (01758) 704120, neu am fwy o wybodaeth Wyn Williams ar (01286) 679363.

New Chair for Dwyfor Commitee Posted Tuesday, May 15, 2001 by newsroom
Councillor Mike Sol Owen has been elected as chairman of Gwynedd Council's Dwyfor area commitee at a meeting on Monday 14th May, and Cllr. Wyn Williams of Abersoch was elected vice chairman.

Byw Fyddi Nant Gwrtheyrn! Posted Tuesday, May 15, 2001 by newsroom

Ar ôl dioddef cyfnod go arw a sawl melltith, mae’r Ganolfan Iaith a Diwylliant yn Nant Gwrtheyrn yn mynd o nerth i nerth. Eisoes penodwyd Prif Weithredwr newydd i’r Nant ac mae bwriad pendant i ehangu ac addasu’r adeiladau er mwyn denu rhagor o bobl, yn ddysgwyr’ ymwelwyr a thrigolion lleol i fwynhau’r lle.
Aled Jones-Griffith yw’r Prif Weithredwr newydd. Mae’n frodor o Ddyffryn Nantlle a bu’n g w e i t h i o i Barc Cenedlaethol Eryri cyn cychwyn ar ei swydd newydd ddechrau Ebrill. Mae’n edrych ‘ymlaen eiddgar at ddatblygu’r ganolfan a’r pentref gan sefydlu perthynas agosach hefo trigolion Penrhyn Llyn a’r cyffiniau. ‘Credaf fod yma gyfleon di-bendraw i ddatblygu’r Nant yn ganolfan o’r safon uchaf y gall y gymuned leol fod yn falch ohoni,’ meddai Aled.
‘Os ydym am lwyddo i roi Cymru, y Gymraeg a’r ardal hynod arbennig yma ar fap y byd yna mae’n hanfodol ein bod fel staff a bwrdd Ymddiriedolaeth Nant Gwrtheyrn yn gweithio’n agos gyda’r gymuned leol, ac edrychaf ymlaen yn arw at y cyd-weithio yma.’
Rhan o’r cyd-weithio fydd cynnwys colofn fisol am weithgareddau’r Nant yn Llanw Llyn. (Mae’r golofn gyntaf i’w gweld ar dudalen 5 o Llanw llyn rhifyn 277)
Ond bydd cyfle i wneud mwy na darllen am yr hyn sy’n digwydd yno i aelodau cyrff a chymdeithasau lleol yn ystod y flwyddyn sydd i ddod.
‘Mi fuasem ni yma yn y Nant yn hynod falch o weld aelodau cymdeithasau a ‘ballu yn dod draw acw am swper a sgwrs,’ meddai Aled. ‘Gallwn gynnig lluniaeth o bob math ac o’r radd flaenaf i chi yng Nghaffi Meinir, a sgwrs am saw1 pwnc dan haul, gan gynnwys y diweddaraf am ddyfodol y Ganolfan.’

Cystadleuaeth Tarian 2001. Posted Tuesday, May 1, 2001 by waen
Cystadleuaeth Tarian 2001. Cynnigir £100 o wobr gan cyfeillion Llyn i - Unigolyn, Grwp, Sefydliad, Mudiad, Ysgol, Pwyllgor neu Gyngor sydd yn weithredu yn Llyn ac yn dangos dychymyg mewn gwaith ymarferol i hybu'r Iaith Gymraeg, ein Diwilliant, yr Economi leol neu'r Amgylchedd yn Llyn. Cyflwyni'r y wobr a'r darian i'r ymgeisydd llwyddiannus yn ystod Darlith Flynyddol Llyn ym Mis Tachwedd 2001.
Dylid anfon enw a chyfeiriad Ymgeisydd ynghyd â disgrifiad gwaith i'r Ysgrifennydd, Arfon Huws, Bryn Haf, Bwlchtocyn, ger Pwllheli, Gwynedd LL53 7BW erbyn Awst 31, 2001, y dyddiad cau.

Nefyn Regeneration Posted Tuesday, May 1, 2001 by waen
Plans have been put forward to Dwyfor area councillors at a meeting at the end of March for the regeneration of Nefyn following concerns about the towns continued troubles compounded by the landslide. Plans have been drawn up by Arwel Jones Gwynedds local regeneration officer, and Alun Roberts who works for the councils marketing dept., along with the help of local councillors John Griffith and Bob Trenholme.
The proposals follow a maritime theme focused on the fishing industry and extending the local industrial base by developing the skills of the local workforce.
One idea is to develop a processing/ packaging plant for sea produce possibly in one of the vacant industrial units in Nefyn. It is proposed to market the site as a centre to process local produce.
Other plans include improving the Maritime Museum as a tourist attraction, developing a marketing scheme with emphasis on the towns heritage and improving the town's infrastructure, and to make use of the empty shop premises that blight Nefyn's high street.

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