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May 2004

Pobl leol yn dangos y ffordd - Local people show the way Posted Sunday, May 16, 2004 by penllyn
This is a bilingual message, the English text can be found at the end

Pan osododd BT dargedi bandeang ar gyfer pob cyfnewidfa ym Mhen Llyn roedd criw o bobl leol yn barod i fynd. O fewn ychydig fisoedd, roedd saith or wyth cyfnewidfa yn yr ardal ardal rhifau 01758 wedi cyrraedd y targed.
Y peth pwysig oedd ymgyrchu dros yr ardal gyfan, meddai Seimon Jones, syn rhedeg cynllun,syn cynnal wefannau cymunedol ac a oedd yn allweddol ir broses trwy sefydlu gwefan ddwyieithog ir ymgyrch, or enw

Achos ein bod nin ymgyrchu tros yr ardal gyfan, roeddan nin gallu anfon taflenni trwyr ddwy ysgol uwchradd ar ddwy siop gyfrifiaduron ym Mhwllheli. Mewn undeb mae nerth.
Roedd y targedaun amrywio o 100 o enwau i 500 ac roedd hin bosib defnyddio tactegau gwahanol mewn gwahanol lefydd. Y peth pwysig, meddai Seimon, oedd fod y bobl leol yn benderfynol o lwyddo.
Efallai nad oes gynnon ni ffyrdd a rheilffyrdd da iawn ym Mhen Llyn ond mi fydd gynnon nir cysylltiadau cyfathrebu.

Local people show the way

When BT set broadband targets for every exchange on the Llyn peninsula, a group of local people were already on the job.
Within a few months, seven out of eight exchanges in the 01758 area had already reached the target.
The crucial decision was to campaign over the area as a whole, says Seimon Jones, who runs the website which maintains community websites and which was instrumental in the campaign with a bilingual website
By campaining over the whole area, we were able to send leaflets out through the two local secondary schools and the two computer shops in Pwllheli. Its a case of all for one.
The targets ranged from 100 names to 500 and the campaigners were able to use different tactics in different places. The vital ingredient, says Seimon Jones, was the determination of local people.

We may not have very good road and rail links in Llyn but now we will have the communications network.

Chwilog gets 01/09/2004 RFS Broadband date! Posted Friday, May 7, 2004 by penllyn
Da iawn -good news for Chwilog residents and business' BT have given the exchange a switch on date of 1st of September! So if you want broadband, you ought to start looking for an ISP now, there are many different deals being offered so check them out.

BT themselves are doing a mailshot to all buainess line customers 1 month prior to each exchange being enabled, pointing out the benefits, pricing, and the WDA subsidy available to business in Wales. This means that you can have 1000kbps off BT with free modem and no setup charge for a monthly rate of 22.50! Taking that this is a legitimate business expense (tax deductable) its time the 56k modem was dumped for a 1000k line!

The Chwilog RFS date means that there are now 8 exchanges in Llyn in the pipeline to be ADSL enabled -
Llithfaen 02-6-2004
Tudweiliog 16-6-2004
Abersoch 23-6-2004
Nefyn 30-6-2004
Aberdaron 27-7-2005
Botwnnog 21-7-2004
Llanbedrog 18-8-2004
Chwilog 01-9-2004

Be nesaf?- what next? - If your looking to check out deals for broadband try HERE

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