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June 2001

Cyfarfod Cymuned Posted Thursday, June 28, 2001 by penllyn
Mae amser cyfarfod cymuned yn neuadd Mynytho wedi newid i 2 o gloch pnawn sadwrn, Gorffennaf 7.

Granite villages new initiative Posted Thursday, June 28, 2001 by penllyn
Plans are underway that could mean that five local villages could share in up to a reported 1.8 million in a scheme to boost the economy in North Wales. The villages are Nefyn, Trefor, Llithfaen, Llanaelhaearn, Pistyll and Morfa Nefyn. If included in the small Towns and villages initiative, it would allow business groups to submit bids directly to the W.D.A..
Gwynedd council have been asked by the W.D.A. to choose an area to be considered for inclusion in the scheme. The project will run for 3 years and the council is supporting a bid to designate this area that has suffered the decline of Granite quarrying as was done for the slate valleys over the last three years.
The main aim is to encourage local businesses to bring in schemes that will strengthen the local economy. Initial discussions with the W.D.A. suggest that they would be very supportive to the designation of this area according to Gwynedds director of planning and economic development. The W.D.A. will favour projects such as improving high streets, joint marketing schemes and local networking.
The agency have allocated 1.8 million in 2001/2002 for schemes across North Wales. This includes 300.000 for business support, 100,000 for project managment and 1.4 million towards capital schemes.
Gwynedds Dwyfor area comittee has already agreed to target Nefyn with a package of regeneration schemes, and the W.D.A. would provide a source of funding for them. Other sources of funding would include The National Assembly, including Communities First, Local Regeneration Fund and the Environmental Development Fund.
If the bid is successful the local regeneration officer would work with Business Connect to identify opportunities develop ideas and implement schemes.

Public Meeting Rhiw Posted Wednesday, June 27, 2001 by penllyn
A public meeting has been arranged by Aberdaron community council following the problems with the road closure at Rhiw. The alleged defness of Gwynedd county council to the concerns of locals and the time scale stretching on and on have prompted this move. Local people are urged to attend in force to make their feelings known.
The meeting will discuss the proposed plans for the new road above Plas yn Rhiw and any possible objections. Amongst the people in attendance to answer questions will be the Councils surveyor and Chief Engineer, Dafydd Wigley A.M., Hywel Williams M.P. and representatives from Cadw, the National Trust, Cadw, The Countryside Council and Gwynedds planning department.
The meeting will be in the village hall Rhiw on Friday July 20th at 6 pm.

Pwllheli under 14s Football Posted Wednesday, June 27, 2001 by penllyn
Pwllheli's Ysgol Glan-Y-Mr under 14's football team came home triumphant from Aberystwyth after an emphatic three goal win over Cardiff's fitzalans school team in the Welsh Schools Champions final. They returned with the silverware as champions after goals by Dafydd Anwyl, Euros Thomas and Barry evans. 220 schools entered the competition that has run since last September.

Pwllheli Lifeboat Posted Wednesday, June 27, 2001 by penllyn
Pwllheli lifeboat was launched last saturday to aid a 85,000 12 metre yact called Guns & Roses. The yacht had suffered an engine fire and the 'crew' were unable to sail her back to port.

Lottery Money for Communities Posted Wednesday, June 27, 2001 by penllyn
Lottery money distributors in Wales have joined forces in an attempt to help projects that involve people in their own communities. Community fund, The New Opportunities fund and the Heritage Fund will be able to tap into a 2.5 million fund each year.
The 'Awards for all Wales' was launched by Jenny Randerson A. M. on Tuesday who said it was a quick and easy way to get money into the communities. Applications will be welcomed from small, locally run groups that have not received lottery funding to date, areas where services and facilities are limited, black and ethnic communities and former coal mining communities.
For more information phone 0845 600 2040.

Gwynedd council Condemned Posted Tuesday, June 26, 2001 by penllyn
Gwynedd county council have been condemned in a report on the property repairs and maintainance to the councils 490 non-housing properties. These buildings include Schools, and the backlog of work is now estimated at around 11 million!
The best value inspections team only awarded one star to the council. Figures showed that the council was reactive to emergencies with planned maintainance suffering as a result. The report urged improvements in almost all areas, including- better financial monitoring of work, better consultation with service users and contractors, more partnership options and plans for clearing the 11 million backlog were limited and unambitious.

Glyn-Y-Weddw open day Posted Tuesday, June 26, 2001 by penllyn
A free open day will be held at Oriel Plas Glyn-Y-Weddw onJuly 5 for all local primary school children. The open day is part of the National Childrens Art Day. For more information cotact Caroline Owen or Philippa Williams on 740763 or e-mail

Edern School Posted Sunday, June 24, 2001 by penllyn
Edern school has won the National book quiz for the third year in a row. This is the first time that any school has achieved three wins in a row.
The triumphant team of primary school pupils returned from the final in Aberystwyth last thursday. They were one of nine teams to reach the final with representatives from all over Wales. The shield will again take pride of place in the school. Well done!

Grantiau 'Arwain' Posted Saturday, June 23, 2001 by newyddion
Mae grant ar gael i unigolyn sydd eisiau cychwyn prosiect gwirfoddol fydd o les i'r gymuned. Gall unigolyn hawlio hyd at 500 ar gyfer costau cychwyn prosiect neu gall grwp hyd at 4 gychwyn prosiect gyda'i gilydd a hawlio hyd at 2000.
Mae'r grantia'n dod i ben fis Awst felly ewch ati i holi'n syth un ai'r Cyngor Gweithredu Gwirfoddol Cymru ym Mae Colwyn 01492 539800 neu Mantell Gwynedd ar 01286 672626

Boduan Gardens Posted Saturday, June 23, 2001 by penllyn
The Gardens at bryniau , Boduan will be open to the public on Sunday july 1st. Admission will be 1.50 for adults and children go free. Refreshments will be available and all takings will go to charity.

Cwlwm Gwledig Posted Thursday, June 21, 2001 by penllyn
It has been stated that 48,000+ has been invested in the Dwyfor economy since the start of the Cwlwm Gwledig scheme that was launched by Gwynedd in November 2000.
Four projects in the area have benefited from the scheme - Nant Gwrtheyrn 6,436 , to convert the chapel into an interpretation centre. Cymdeithas Pysgotwyr Llyn 1,226 towards buying a computer to provide training. Cynnyrch Gwynedd Cyf 34,994 in order to purchase machinery and processing equipment.
Gwynedds director of Planning and economic development is reported to have said "If there are ideas then feed them to the regeneration officers. It is important in a rural area that ideas are put forward in order to take full advantage of Objective One funding."
The local regeneration officer for this area is Arwel Jones and can be contacted at or phone 704120

Pwllheli web site Posted Thursday, June 21, 2001 by penllyn
Pwllheli chamber of Trade are to launch a new web site to promote the town. Since the election of a new committee, membership has grown from 26 businesses to 145.
The Chamber's vice chairman Paul Brett said " We should concentrate our efforts to promote the town and it's services on the world wide web. A site is under construction and will be launched to 300,000 search engines worldwide." The address is

Aberdaron's troubled waters Posted Thursday, June 21, 2001 by penllyn
Aberdaron community council remain unhappy with the actions of Gwynedd county councils actions in the village. There are still problems surrounding the retaining wall built to stop errosion of the graveyard. The issue of large unsightly boulders on the shoreline was followed by calls for railings along the top of the wall for safety reasons, and now the Church in Wales says that the wall is not their responsibility.
Other problems concern the errecting of posts stopping access to the beach with issues regarding the legality of Gwynedds actions. The errection of signs following the rhiw landslide and other road signs remain issues with locals. In a recent community council meeting it was claimed that it was a waste of time meeting with Gwynedds maritime Officer as he did not answer their questions.
These are a few of the issues being raised in this community and it seems as though the views of Pwllheli town Councils cries of Gwynedd not listening to locals is again being echoed. In response to Gwynedds chief executive claiming that people were happy with the way the council is run (as shown by their own poll),we set up an independant poll but I am affraid that our findings are at present at variance with Gwynedds own figures. please vote!

Penyberth Planning Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2001 by penllyn
The planning desision regarding boat storage at Penrhos continues with the owner Mr O W Owen of Penyberth appealing to the National Assembly against Gwynedds recent decision. A National Assembly Inspector will hold an informal hearing at Frondeg on the 24th of July.

Rhiw landslide rumbles on Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2001 by penllyn
The landslide that has closed the road to rhiw is still causing a great deal of trouble for residents of rhiw and a wider area. The community council have expressed their dissapointment concerning the time taken to resolve this issue. There now seems to be a plethora of studies and reports being carried out by Gwynedd, Arup, The national Trust, Cadw, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust etc. In the meantime the road remains closed.

New seat at Botwnnog Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2001 by penllyn
Residents in Botwnnog will now be able to make use of a new seat presented to the village by the W.I. on Thursday. Local craftsman Glyn Roberts made the seat free of charge and the seat was officialy presented to the village at a small ceremony attended by local children.

Llangwnnadl village hall Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2001 by penllyn
Plans for the village hall in LLangwnnadl are back on the move with a public meeting for local residents being held in the old school at 7 on 25th June.

Llithfaen Toilets Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2001 by penllyn
Llithfaen councillors are unhappy with the 700 spent on the public toilets, they are still waiting for signs and a light that was promised.

New beach Wardens Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2001 by penllyn
Beach wardens have been appointed for Nefyn and Morfa for the summer. Peter Brookes from Pistyll was appointed warden in Nefyn and Robin Williams Bryn Dedwydd for Morfa Nefyn.

Aberdaron Web site Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2001 by penllyn
A new committee of local business people in the Aberdaron area have got together in a concerted attempt to raise the profile of the village on the tourist map. Initial plans are to produce a web site for Aberdaron, produce an information booklet for visitors and errecting a centrally located noticeboard or advertising area.
ISDN is now available for Aberdaron following the long awaited upgradinng of the exchange. Happy surfing!

Antur Dwyryd Llyn Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2001 by penllyn
Director of Antur Dwyryd Llyn Dafydd Wyn Jones is calling for more to be done to help start-up businesses in the area. He calls for the National Assembly to implement a national scheme for low or intrest free loans. His coments follow the publishing by Business connect Gwynedd of figures that show the number of new jobs created as 182 and the number of new businesses as 90, in the year till Aprill 2001.

New livestock website Posted Wednesday, June 20, 2001 by penllyn welcomes a new local website . The site set up by locals Pryderi and Gwern from Penfras Uchaf llwyndyrys is an online auction site. The site is at present in demo mode but will be up and running by the end of the week.
The site is primarily aimed at the livestock markets and it is hoped that local farmers will use this inovative venture to the full in the absence of the traditional marts. The site can be used free of charge please go check it out.

Plaid Cymru's Rural Housing Plans. Posted Tuesday, June 19, 2001 by penllyn
Plaid Cymru have published their report on the way ahead for allowing people in rural communities to be able to obtain affordable housing . This report is in part a response to calls by local councillor Seimon Glyn during January for the party of Wales to do more for the rural communities. Cynnog Dafis said last week that the report would be published in about a fortnight. This seems to have been bought forward possibly in response to the forming of a new pressure group called Cymuned, and the fracturing of traditional support for plaid in the recent election.
The report was published today by the chaiman of Plaids task group and our assembly member Dafydd Wigley. Eleven of the twelve points in the plan were things that the assembly could acomplish within 12 months, and some powers were already with the local authorities. The only other legislation required is expected in the Queens speach for the next session of parliament, this concerns converting old buildings, this primary legislation may need amending slightly.
Peter Black for the liberals in response to the 12 point document said that nine of the points were already policy for the coalition in the assembly, and he did not expect opposition to the rest if they were to be adopted by Plaid.
One point may mean a doubling in rates for second homes in rural areas. Another concerns planning permission needed for change of use from a dwelling into a holiday home. Another allowing grants to local people towards obtaining mortgages would cost the assembly 10 million a year and result in helping 500 homeowners. If the report had been as radical as some expected, it might not have been a case of pushing against an open door. This report is practical and achievable soon but even if all measures are adopted fully, its effect alone without other measures will be minimal.
The report will now be put forward to Plaids national executive on saturday and then policy changes put forward to the party confrence in September. This report welcomed as it is goes only a short way to address some of the problems facing the diminishing welsh speaking rural communities. It does not talk about intervention in the housing market or other wider economic issues. It is unlikely to apease Cymuned's founders and does not fully address the 'narrower' issues raised by Seimon Glyn as chair of Gwynedds housing dept.

Gwynedd Ratepayers to pay 1,900,000.00 Posted Tuesday, June 19, 2001 by penllyn
Gwynedd county council have settled a compensation claim by a property developer for a reported 1.9 million. Council leader Alun Ffred was reported to have said that the settlement was a good one in view of the fact that legal advisors had said that the council could be liable for to up to 5 million.
The case goes back to 1969 when the then Caernarfonshire county council granted outline planning permission for up to 800 houses on a greenfield site at Morfa Bychan. Nothing was done at the site until the mid 1980's when protests were mounted.
This case is now resolved but the 1.9 million paid to property speculators will leave a bad taste in the mouths of local ratepayers, if not a hole in their pockets.

Byw yn y Wlad Posted Friday, June 15, 2001 by penllyn
{o Llanw Llyn Mehefin 2000}
Mae'r diwylliant Cymreig wedi ffynnu yn yr ardaloedd gwledig, amaethyddol. Maer diwydiant amaeth ar hyn o bryd yn wynebu argyfwng, felly maer diwylliant Cymreig mewn argyfwng hefyd. Gyda thai a bythynnod ar hyd a lled penrhyn Llgn ar werth am 100,000 a l50,OOO maent, yn amlwg, wediu hanelu at farchnad y tu allan ir ardal. Sut felly y gall bob1 leol aros yma i fyw? Os ydyn nhw yn symud oddi yma, sut gall y diwylliant Cymreig ar iaith Gymraeg fyw?
Byw yn y wlad - cynnal, gwarchod a datblygu ein cymunedau. Dyna fydd teitl cynhadledd a gynhelir gan Gyngor Gwynedd ar Orffennaf 13. Y nod yw Ceisio cefnogaeth i nifer cyfyngedig o gynigion a allai fod yn sail ar gyfer ffurfio polisiau gwledig yn ystod y misoedd a'r blynyddoedd nesaf.
Mae llawer o waith da yn mynd ymlaen yng nghefn gwlad ond dirywio mae ein cymunedau ac, yn sgl Clwyr Traed ar Genau, mae perygl mai cyflymu wnaiff y dirywiad hwn. Ceisio mynd ir afael rhai or materion sylfaenol hyn fydd y gynhadledd. Bydd y ffocws ar faterion economaidd a thai, ac oblygiadaur newidiadau yn y meysydd hyn ir iaith ar diwylliant.
Nid problemau syn unigryw i Llyn a Gwynedd ydir rhain, ac yn ystod y gynhadledd bydd cyfle i ddysgu am brofiadau cymunedau tebyg yn yr Alban ac Iwerddon. Yn ystod y dydd bydd anerchiadau gan Yr Athro Dylan Jones Evans, Athro Menter a Pholisi Rhanbarthol, Coleg Prifysgol Cymru Bangor; Dr Dylan Phillips o Adran Canolfannau Uwchefrydiau Cymreig a Cheltaidd, Prifysgol Cymru Aberystwyth, ac Andrew Prendergast o Asiantaeth Datblygu Skye & Lochalsh yn yr Alban. Ond bydd y pwyslais ar drafod syniadau a chwblhau rhestr o gynigion. I gofrestru ar gyfer y gynhadledd ffoniwch (01286) 679004.

New community Presure Group-Cymuned Posted Friday, June 15, 2001 by penllyn
A new pressure group is being set up to defend Welsh-speaking communities from erosion of the language.
Cymuned - "community" in Welsh - will campaign for the preservation of the language in its heartlands by giving locals priority on housing and job lists. The group has been founded by academics and poets who believe the language will die out within 10 years if steps are not taken, and is the result of months of debate and consultation.
Cymuned has accused the Welsh Assembly of failing to address the decline of Welsh in its heartlands. The group will call on national and local politicians to use "crisis measures" to deal with the migration of English speakers to Welsh-speaking parts of Wales. Robat Gruffudd, founder of Welsh publishing house Lolfa, said: "We will campaign on the preservation of Welsh as a community language, concentrating on issues such as in-migration to Welsh-speaking Wales; out-migration, especially of young people; and the assimilation of non-Welsh-speaking in-migrants."
The group also includes poets Iwan Llwyd and Myrddin ap Dafydd, former Welsh Language Society chairman R. Arwel Jones, Barn magazine editor Simon Brooks, Cardiff University lecturer Jerry Hunter, actress Judith Humphreys and former BBC head of light entertainment Meredydd Evans.
They have drawn up a declaration of principles -entitled the Talybont Declaration - which they hope will be signed by others attending a national meeting at Mynytho, Gwynedd, on 7 July.
It reads:
"We are convinced that the death of Welsh as a community language is inevitable within ten years, unless urgent steps are taken to reverse current trends.
"We accuse the political parties, and national institutions, including the National Assembly, of failing to address this crisis.
"We call on these bodies, and the Assembly and county councils in particular, to implement national crisis measures as a matter of urgency to halt the decline of Welsh in its heartlands.
Cymuned also sets out to "tackle the huge in-migration of monoglot English speakers to Welsh-speaking areas by establishing community control of housing policy in these areas".
Members have also called for action to stop Welsh speakers leaving their homes "by giving local people priority in the housing market and creating suitable employment for them."

Ein Aelod Seneddol Newydd Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2001 by penllyn
(o llanw llyn mehefin 2001)
Wythnos wedi ei ethol ir Senedd, mae Hywel Williams, sydd o Bwllheli yn wreiddiol, wedi dechrau ar ei waith fel Aelod Seneddol etholaeth Caernarfon. Diolch i bob un a roddodd bleidlais i mi yn yr etholiad ac i bawb a fun gweithio mor ddyfal yn yr ymgyrch, meddai. Maen anrhydedd or mwyaf cael cynrychioli fy mro enedigol yn San Steffan. Edrychaf ymlaen at weithio er lles holl bobol yr ardal yn y Senedd.
Cysylltwch a Hywel - Swyddfa Plaid Cymru, 8 Stryd y Castell, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL55 1SE FFn: (01286) 672076

Fires at Llanbedrog Posted Wednesday, June 13, 2001 by newyddion
Fires raged out of control on Llanbedrog Headland this week. The first of 3 fires started on Saturday afternoon and was not finaly bought under control until sunday at around midnight. The first call came through at 3.37pm with engines from Pwllheli and Abersoch first to the scene.
Fire fighters and equipment were drafted in from a wide area, with crews from 11 stations attending ( Colwyn Bay, Bleunau, Betws-y-coed, Harlech, Porthaethwy were aiding local stations with a control centre set up at bol mynydd). At it's height there were eight fire engines and two a.t.v.'s battling the gorse and bracken fueled blaze. The fire started on the Abersoch side of the headland and then spread seaward and over the top of the headland before the wind drove the blaze back towards abersoch.
Houses on ln Gwaith in Llanbedrog were put at risk when a second apparently unrelated fire started on monday morning. This was then followed by a third fire. Police and the fire service are investigating. About 25 acres of the headland were burnt.
In a completeley seperate incident a chalet at Dinas was gutted at about on monday with firefighters fromPwllheli attending.

New Plaid M.P. Posted Friday, June 8, 2001 by newsroom
Caernarfon has returned a new Plaid M.P. to Westminster. The new M.P. is Hywel Williams.

Pwllheli Marina Posted Thursday, June 7, 2001 by newsroom
A Blue flag has been awarded to Pwllheli Marina for the the high standard of
safety, cleanliness and water quality. Porth Neigwl received a green flag the equivelent for a rural beach.

Nefyn United Posted Thursday, June 7, 2001 by newsroom
Nefyn United bring home the silverware to Cae'r Delyn after an emphatic win against Bodedern. Nefyn won 4-1 at the traeth ground to collect the Eryri Shield for the first time. Alan Jones scored just before half time with Bodedern levelling the score 10 mins into the second half. Nefyn then turned in goals by Owain Gwilym, another by Alan Jones and the Emlyn Hughes sealed the match on the final whistle.

Trouble in Trefor Posted Wednesday, June 6, 2001 by penllyn
A group of Trefor residents are claiming that the action of Gwynedd Council and Cymdeithas tai Eryri are destroying the peacefull community. Plans are affot to form a group to get the council to listen to them. Cymdeithas Trethdalwyr Trefor (Trefor Ratepayers society) claim that Tai Eryri and the council are renting houses to people from outside the area. a spokesperson was reported to have said- " Many are unemployed, having their houses free of charge to party, fight and drink"
Councillor William Arthur Evans has been reported to have said- " Tai Eryri has 32 houses in the village and intended to rent them to local people... Local needs have been satisfied, the society cannot leave their houses empty so they have to rent them to tennants from outside the village." A Council spokesman said- "Possibly the root of the problem at Trefor is that younger and older people have a different way of life and this results in a clash."
If tai Eryri has 32 houses in Trefor you would expect them to have hundreds of properties in Llanbedrog and Nefyn, and vast estates in Pwllheli if they do only build and purchase buildings for local needs. Wether property was comparitevly cheap in Trefor or there had been a baby boom is not clear! The result of activity by the council and the Ltd Company- Tai Eryri has, however, unbalanced the community.
A spokesman for Tai eryri was reported to have said-" We havent received an official complaint from anyone living in Trefor, As a result we are not in a situation to respond, however, if we do receive a complaint we have guidlines to follow". Lets hope for the sake of Trefor residents that the guidlines are not just to put it in a file called comlaints.

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