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July 2001

New Welsh Think tank Posted Wednesday, July 11, 2001 by penllyn
A new Multi-lingual think-tank web site has been launched today. The project is a forum for radical thinkers on the subject of the linguistic future of Wales, They say-CYMdeithasDJ is actively seeking informed debate about the linguistic future of Wales. It has been set up to disseminate challenging opinions and studies, which will assist in creating a meaningful policy-agenda for Plaid Cymru.

Cyfarfod Cymuned Mynytho Posted Saturday, July 7, 2001 by penllyn
Heidiodd canoedd o bobl o bob rhan o Gymru i neuadd Mynytho heddiw i gyfarfod sefydlu Cymuned. Roedd y neuadd yn orlawn gyda thorf y tu allan yn sefyll yn y niwl. I'r rhai nad oedd yn bresenol , mae rhan o'r cyfarfod ar gael mewn furf 'avi' (bydd y 'download' yn araf)-
Cadeirydd y cyfarfod oedd Arwel Jones gyda'r siaradwyr Seimon Glyn, Gwilym Euros a Myrddin ap Dafydd. Gwrandawyd ar sylwadau am yr argyfwng yn y cymunedau gwledig, y bygythiad i ddyfodol yr iaith ar diwylliant yn sgil y mewnlifiad ar all-lifiad. Beirniadwyd diffyg arweiniad y pleidiau gwleidyddol ar sefydliadau yn cynnwys Cymdeithas Tai Eryri ar Cynulliad. Cyfeiriwyd at ddiffyg gweledigaeth gan y cynghorau ynglyn ag arian amcan un ar perygl o wastraffu'r cyfle i gryfhau yr economi. Galwodd Seimon Glyn am sefydlu corff statudol i warchod yr iaith ar diwylliant. Gosodwyd her i bob Cymro gyfranu tuag at yr ymgyrch i sicrhau ein dyfodol.
I gysylltu a Cymuned Ffoniwch -0044(0)1970 617 036
neu e-bost
neu danfon Llythyr- 8 Heol Stanley, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Cymru. SY23 1LS
pleidleisiwch - < >

New village hall opens Sarn Posted Friday, July 6, 2001 by penllyn
The new village hall in Sarn was full last Friday for the official opening . A concert was held with Harri Richards singing a baled specialy composed by Gruffydd Parri Pencraig Fawr. Y Parch. Emlyn Richards of Cemmaes presided over events that included the uncovering of a plaque by Capt. Wynne-Finch of Cefnamlwch who donated land for the car park. Thanks were given to the many people who had helped make the new hall a reality.
On Saturday a Tea party was held there to celebrate the opening. Today the crowning of Brenhines Y Blodau Bryncroes took place with the Carnival taking place tomorow. It looks as though this hall will now again become an important centre for activities at the centre of Llyn.

Community Skips Posted Friday, July 6, 2001 by penllyn
On the week starting the 9th of July, community skips can be found in Abersoch at Ln Gwydryn car park, at Llanaelhaearn at Cae Glas, and at Pwllheli North Quay car park. (for domestic waste only!)

Pwllheli road woes Posted Friday, July 6, 2001 by penllyn
Mayor of Pwllheli Mrs Beti Jones Parry is calling on the Council to improve the junction that leads from glan don industrial estate onto the main Abererch to Pwllheli road. The junction is unsafe and used by heavy vehicles and is an accident just waiting to happen. The town council fear that increased trafic around the one ton cup event will make the area even more dangerous. Plans for improving the Abererch road have long been in the pipeline. Re- surfacing work from the Black Lion was put back due to fears over congestion during the event week.
Calls are also being made yet again for the council to re-surface the towns market square. Local traders have told us that elderly people trip and fall almost daily. Town councillors are asking Gwynedd yet again to look at this situation.

Private road works Y Ffr Posted Friday, July 6, 2001 by penllyn
A problem road, this time in Y Ffr looks closer to being improved. The road that leads to the adult learning centre at Canolfan y Gwystl is to be improved by the present owners, Harlech Frozen Foods. This follows enquiries made by a local newspaper the Cambrian News into the condition of the road that is said to have been in a poor condition for at least ten years.

Pwllheli Floods Posted Thursday, July 5, 2001 by penllyn
Flooding has again become a problem in Pwllheli after the storms that crossed the whole country on tuesday evening. Wednesday found large parts of Y Maes submerged yet again.
Environmentalists have long been warning that extremes of weather are to become more regular events. A Council spokesman is reported to have said that further studies would be carried out in order to eliminate the problem. In the meantime a pump will be standing by at Y Maes waiting for the next emergency.
The problem of flooding in places across the region will have to be looked into with more regular inspections and cleaning of culverts and storm drains. Some places will probably need engineering work and upgrading the capacities for the removal of storm water. The problem of tidal water at Pwllheli also contributes at this location.

Golli Yr Herald? Posted Monday, July 2, 2001 by penllyn
It appears as though we could loose the Welsh weekly newspaper Yr Herald ', the sister paper of the Caernarfon and Denbigh Herald est, in 1855. The paper published by the trinity Mirror group has been suffering from a continued slump in circulation. It presently runs at about 1,500 copies a week , a fraction of its 15,000 circulation at it's height. The poor circulation is another indicator of the fragile situation of the Welsh language.
Management blame its demise on new media, and say losses can not be allowed to continue. Last week Trinity Mirror Digital advertised a position for a content developer interested in Journalism and the internet based at Llandudno. This follows their plans to develop-" a unique website for North Wales, with news, sport, entertainment, information and much more".
(might go for that sounds like an interesting job! ed.)

Pwllheli Sea defences Posted Monday, July 2, 2001 by penllyn
The was some good news this week concerning the sea defences near Pwllheli. Whilst Gwynedd can still not find the 50% needed towards the cost of sea defences at South beach, 250,000 has been spent three miles up the coast at the Haven holiday camp. Work has just been completed by D.J. Construction on a 250 metre length of coast with a new rock revetment that contained 8,000 tonnes of rock. Local rock from Nanhoron and Trefor was used in the construction.
Emergency planners could now presumably re house the residents of Pwllheli if a disaster struck Pwllheli out of season.

Welsh Media Posted Monday, July 2, 2001 by penllyn
A Welsh language pressure group called 'Cylch yr Iaith', have presented the B.B.C. with a 3000 name petition that calls for a new music-playing policy. The groups chaiman Elfed Roberts said that there were serious concerns regarding the promotion of English only programmes at the expense of Welsh language singers and groups. Radio Cymru are using a large proportion of their peak broadcasting hours by playing large numbers of Anglo-American songs and ignoring their duty to reflect and promote Welsh Music.
This petition presented to the B.B.C. on friday the 29th of June is the latest move in Cylch yr Iaiths long running campaign to increase the use of Welsh on Radio Cymru and S4C, and to improve the standards of broadcasting in Wales.
Another charge of not playing Welsh records was leveled at Champion F.M. the independant comercial broadcaster based at Parc Menai last week. A report in th C & D quoted Dafydd Iwan of Sain amongst others, with charges of not serving the needs of the local population and slewing their programming towards Anglo-American pop to such an extent that it may breach their licence conditions.

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