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September 2001

Council Housing Posted Friday, September 28, 2001 by penllyn
Gwynedd county council are to launch a new unit next week that it is hoped will provide a better service for council tennants. All calls by tennants for maintainance will now be answered centrally at Caernarfon during office hours. New structuring of teams of five responsible for 600 houses will allow skilled council workers to improve the service. The new system that has already been approved by the Gwynedd Council Board was sevearly critisized by a recent Dwyfor Area meeting.
In this meeting local councillors slammed every aspect of the service. Under the new scheme the new Housing Maitainance Operational Unit will take over responsibilities from the Housing Dept. and Amgylchedd Gwynedd. The 're-organisation' seems more of a re-shuffle with all workers being derived from Amgylchedd Gwynedd. Asst. Director , Ffrancon Williams is quoted to have said-"slotting in had been done by matching the present responsibilities of workers with the jobs to be filled" No change there then. This Gwynedd wide re-jigging of the housing dept. has led to concerns being raised all over Gwynedd, In response to the loss of council jobs in Dolgellau, a council spokesperson said that four out of the five workers there had been invited to apply for a number of other jobs in the new organisation. Time will tell how well the new system works, the Dwyfor Maintainance Number is 704026.
Before we find out what effect the changes will have, council workers are boarding a bus and touring the area as part of a roadshow from the 25th - 3rd Oct. For information about dates and times phone (01286) 679 478. The bus is set to visit Pwllheli, Llanaelhaearn, Llannor, Llanbedrog, Abersoch, Trefor, Pistyll, Morfa, Nefyn, Llithfaen, Y Ffr, Edern, Tudweiliog, Aberdaron, Sarn, Botwnnog and Mynytho. Council workers want to hear residents views.
This follows the condemnation in a report on the property repairs and maintainance to the councils 490 non-housing properties. These buildings include Schools, and the backlog of work is now estimated at around 11 million!
Figures showed that the council was reactive to emergencies with planned maintainance suffering as a result. The report urged improvements in almost all areas, including- better financial monitoring of work, better consultation with service users and contractors, more partnership options and plans for clearing the 11 million backlog were limited and unambitious.

Bryn Beryl Posted Friday, September 28, 2001 by penllyn
The maternity unit at Bryn Beryl is to be re-opened at last. North Wales Health Authority announced their considered decision on tuesday. The Chair of North Gwynedd Community Health Council said that the desision was due to pressure on the Trust by themselves and the aspirations of local people. The midwife run fascilities will only be available to very low-risk births and will essentialy be the same as a home birth with no specialist facilities. Postal natal care will only last for six hours. Even though this service will be welcomed as a step forward, it comes after two steps back.

Sgipiau Cymunedol Posted Friday, September 28, 2001 by penllyn
Mae'r sgipiau y Cyngor Sir allan eto- wythnos yma yn Llanaelhaearn ger cae glas., wedyn yn Rhiw , Mynytho a Rhoshirwaun ger Penbryn 1af-5ed.

Pwllheli - Market Square Posted Friday, September 28, 2001 by penllyn
People are still tripping up on the setts in market square in Pwllheli. This problem is being raised yet again in the wake of the One Ton Cup. Pwllheli Town council has aired this problem on many an occasion. Gwynedd council has agreed that the stones are dangerous but that they have no money to remedy the problem.
Mr John Cooper of Protec (opposite Market sqare) is witness to people falling every week and said that money was found to make a slipway safe at the Marina. A spokesman for the council is reported to have said that the slipway and the re surfacing were two totally different things. Lets hope money will be found soon to stop more injuries.

Public toilets Posted Friday, September 28, 2001 by penllyn
There seem to be an awfull lot of problems with public toilets in Gwynedd recently. Some have been closed for cost savings or badly lit, others were locked at the busiest time at Easter and others close at the end of the holiday season. It seems that spending a penny and saving a penny are completely incompatible. Problems have been reported here during the last six months in Llithfaen, Aberdaron,Edern, Criccieth. Some Gwynedd Councillors have sought the help of the European member of parliament and others have condemned the council for not taking public health seriously. Closing toilets at the end of the tourist season was a subject raised in a local Tourist trade meeting as something that needed to be done to help extend the season.

No Bus Shelter for Llanaelhaearn Posted Friday, September 28, 2001 by penllyn
Gwynedd Council has told Llanaelhaearn community council that it will not be putting another bus shelter in the village. This long running issue still leaves the public transport using public standing in the rain. This community council was one amongst several in the area that have made long standing requests for shelters.

Housing Report Posted Friday, September 28, 2001 by penllyn
The Land Division of the Welsh Development Agency has this week published the latest Housing Land Availability Study for the Unitary Authority of Gwynedd and the Snowdonia National Park Authority.
The Study Report supersedes the previous 1997 Report updating the land availability information to a 1st April 1999 base date.
The Study was carried out by a group which includes the House Builders Federation, Gwynedd Council and the Snowdonia National Park Authority and provides an unbiased source of information on the land available for housing development.
The Gwynedd Council area includes the majority of the Snowdonia National Park, though for planning purposes the Gwynedd Local Planning Authority is only responsible for those parts of Gwynedd falling outside the National Park.
The Snowdonia National Park Authority administers the whole of the National Park area, including that part of the park located in Conwy County Borough Council. For flexibility the results of the Study are presented for the Gwynedd Local Planning Authority, the Snowdonia National Park Authority and for the Gwynedd Council area.
The Study identifies some 1,194 plots available for housing in the Gwynedd Local Planning Authority area within the next five years, comprising 819 on large sites of five or more units and 375 on small sites of under five units.
In the Snowdonia National Park, the five year supply figure is 407 units, of which 187 are on small sites, whilst in the Gwynedd Council area as a whole the supply figure is 1,560 comprising 1,039 on large sites and 521 on small sites.
The Study incorporates an assessment of the adequacy of the identified land supplies based on the housing policy figures contained in the Gwynedd Structure Plan, which was approved by the Secretary of State for Wales in October 1993 and covers the period to 2006.
Government guidance requires local authorities to have at least a five year supply of available housing land.
On the basis of the Structure Plan comparison, the Study concludes that the land supplies amount to 8.66 years in the Gwynedd Council Area, 8.82 years in the Snowdonia National Park Authority and 8.97 years in the residual area in the County.
Housing completions in the areas during the two years since the previous 1997 Study totalled 415 in the Gwynedd Local Planning Authority area, 96 in the National Park and 511 in the Gwynedd Council area. The Study also incorporates, for information, a further land supply comparison based on average build rates since 1991.
On this basis the land supplies amount to 4.13 years in the Gwynedd Local Planning Authority Area, 7.14 years in the National Park and 4.72 years in the Gwynedd Council areas.
If sites allocated in emerging Unadopted Local Plans are included in the supply calculation, the supplies increase in both the Snowdonia National Park and Gwynedd Council areas. In the National Park the supply increases to 10.02 years based on the Structure Plan and 8.09 years based on past completions.
In the Gwynedd Council area, the supply increases to 8.96 years based on the Structure Plan and 4.89 years based on past completions.
Terry Stevens, Senior Planning Manager, Welsh Development Agency, Unit 7, St Asaph Business Park, Ffordd Richard Davies, St Asaph, LL17 OLJ (Tel : 01745 586293)

Cymdeithas Twristiaeth Llyn / Lleyn Tourism Association Posted Thursday, September 27, 2001 by penllyn
A new group will be set up to promote the local tourist industry. Proposals for the new group were put forward at a public meeting at Pwllheli yach club on tuesday. The meeting was introduced by Jonathan Williams-Ellis with Michael Parry putting forward proposals. Dewi Davies from North Wales Tourism made a speech and the Council was represented by Sian P Jones.
The new group is called Cymdeithas Twristiaeth Llyn / Lleyn Tourism Association and a number of proposals were put forward. The geographic area covered is west of the A487 Llanllyfni to Porthmadog road. An open invitation was made for all who wish to become members to attend the next meeting with their 10 annual membership fee. The fist General meeting proper will take place at the yacht club Pwllheli on October 16th at 7.30pm.

Nefyn Sewerage Posted Thursday, September 27, 2001 by penllyn
Long awaited plans for the treatment of sewerage for the communities of Nefyn, Morfa and Edern have finaly surfaced. The water Authority have unveiled proposals for a 3.9 million scheme that ought to solve many of the longstanding problems regarding waste water at both Nant y Felin in Nefyn and Abergeirch in Edern. It was four years ago that the Water Authority said it did not have the funds to deal with the problems with the two sewage systems. Since then the favoured plan of combining the two systems has come to the fore. The scheme will shortly be put up for the public to comment on with the final site of the treatment works yet to be decided. One site favoured by the community council is well away from dwellings but does lie in an area of outstanding natural beauty and of special scientific intrest. But hopefully a smooth passage will prevail and the waters around Nefyn will be all the cleaner.

Llyn Arts Posted Thursday, September 27, 2001 by penllyn
The Arts scheme for young people in Llyn centred around Y Ganolfan in Sarn is moving along. After receiving a 20k grant from the Arts Council, the council are now looking for a young enthusiastic person with an intrest in the arts to start working on the scheme.

Cynnyrch Llyn Posted Thursday, September 27, 2001 by penllyn
Lansiwyd Cynnyrch Llyn yn swyddogol gan Dafydd Wigley yn ystod yr Arddangosfa Busnes a gynhaliwyd ym Mhwllheli. Mae 'na 16 o gwmniau lleol sy'n gweithio yn y sector fwyd wedi dod at ei gilydd i gyd-farchnata eu cynnyrch. Yr aelodau- Welsh Lady Preserves, Cig Moch Penllyn, Arwyn Williams (cigydd Edern), Perlysiau Meian, Jill & Mike Langley, Tatws Llyn, Teleri Jones Llaiestyn a William Jones Pistyll (Wyau), Llyn Seafoods, Cymdeithas pysgotwyr Llyn, Llyn Aquaculture Ltd. a Parti Cooks Pwllheli.
Mae nhw eisioes wedi furfio cwmni cydweithredol a wedi sicrhau cyllid o 10,000 gan Gronfa Cwlwm Gwledig tuag at cost y cynllun yma sydd i costio dros 19,000.

Objective One Posted Wednesday, September 26, 2001 by penllyn
Objective 1 approved projects:
Promoting Local Economic Activity

The project aims to strengthen the appeal of Gwynedd area as a location for staging major events and maximise the economic benefit for local communities. The project will raise local business awareness of the opportunities presented by staging major events and market Gwynedd as a location for such events. The project will also offer assistance to local companies organising and staging events and provide a contact point and practical support for event organisers. The project will create 15 jobs and safeguard a further 29. The project is attracting over 2 million in direct private match funding.
Organisation: Gwynedd County Council
Funding: 960,000
For further information contact: I T Jones at Gwynedd County Council on 01286 679238

The above is to be found on the Welsh European Funding Office site
This project announced recently in all the local newspapers as "has the potential to inject 7.2m revenue into the economy and create up to 100 jobs" According to sources in Gwynedd, the 'Business Plan' talked of safeguarding 44 jobs.
As part of the" 2 million in direct private matched funding." the events comission hope to receive goods or services worth 1.3m over a three year period from IMG/Harlequin organisers of the Bryn Terfel Faenol event and 560,000 off Big Triatholon Ltd., the company behind the Iron man event. In Gwynedd Councils Executive Comitee meeting 7-11-2000 the iron man competition was asked to be given 5,000 by the leisure unit of the Education Dept., and a 10,000 'contribution' by the Economic Development and Planning Department. Details can be found on Gwynedds web site.

The exact figures on jobs created will be seen in time but Gwynedd expect the three people working on the events comission to work hard to achieve the targets set for this "arms length" venture, - 150 small and medium sized companies benefiting from its support, 20 events supported, 30 marketing events, 5 venues improved , a 30% increase in visitor numbers to Gwynedd, 44 jobs created, a 10% increase in economic profit in the area and to create business clusters of local businesses that will meet the needs of event organisers.
We wish them good luck!

another Council led objective 1 project is the Gwynedd Angling Initiative

The project aims to optimise the environmental and social benefits to local communities of developing the sustainable use of fisheries in Gwynedd. This will be achieved by restoring and improving fishery resources and promoting quality angling opportunities. An extensive programme of river habitat improvements are planned with the aim of maximising stream productivity to ensure that fisheries in Gwynedd provide a valuable, sustainable natural resource for the local community and visitors. The project will create 3 new jobs and safeguard a further 31.
Organisation: Gwynedd County Council
Funding: 203,253
For further information contact: I T Jones at Gwynedd County Council on 01286 679238.

One Ton Cup Posted Monday, September 24, 2001 by penllyn
The One Ton Cup, the biggest event to hit Pwllheli since the last big event sailed in and then sailed out. This word class sailing event organised by K-Yachting will be televised this month by Sky. The event is purported to be watched by about 22million viewers in 73 countries worldwide. The races took place in Cardigan bay between the 5th-8th of september, and was won by the Greek registered Atlanti X.
In an attempt to capitalize on the event and add to it a partnership was formed between The council,WDA,Welsh Tourist Board, Business connect, the sailing club and the private sector. A marquee was erected to hold a two day business showcase. Gwynedd claimed up to 80 businesses took the opportunity to showcase their wares. The marquee did in fact have 80 stands inside, and they were filled by 45 businesses or organisations from North and mid-Wales, the tourist board and Business connect. A further 16 exhibitors showed outside the tent. (The C&D Herald counted over100).
The WDAs chief exec. opened the event saying " The one ton cup is a spectacular coup for Pwllheli and Wales.The so-called grand prix of sailing brings with it a host of economic benefits rising to millions of pounds." Over 2,500 people attended the exhibition. Many of the exhibitors were pleased with the event . The event also marked the launch of a new local food venture - Cynyrch Llyn. Eleven Llyn farmers , fishermen and caterers have joined forces to market and sell their produce.
Not all agreed with the success of the event. Paul Brett the vice chairman of Pwllheli chamber of commerce in a letter to the Cambrian News said- " In the aftermath of the one ton cup, as the town of Pwllheli recovers from the thousands of visitors who somehow didn't materialise despite prophetic, yet naive statements in the media, we will no doubt hear about the full hotels, the vast amounts of money spent by race visitors in the town, and how the One Ton Cup did for Pwllheli what the rygby word cup did for Cardiff and that 'Pigs can fly'....."
This was by no means a sole voice and Cllr Eirwyn Williams is reported in the C&D Herald as saying -"There were promises that Hotels over a wide area would be full, but it is now clear that we were all mislead in that direction." Another Criccieth councillor, Cllr Henry Jones has sent a letter to Gwynedds chief executive Geraint Jones regarding objective one money-"Large sums of money are being spent across the county, but promises of attention being given to Criccieth are not being honoured."
Local Taxi drivers were also unhappy after expecting to have a busy period, only to find that the council had arranged free bus services!
No doubt an inquest will be held, and if the 102 year old event ever returns to Pwllheli , organisers will ensure that the dinner jacketed diners will be sitting down to eat local produce and not Canadian lobsters.

Canolfan Felin Fach Mental Health Posted Thursday, September 20, 2001 by penllyn
The Canolfan Felin fach centre at Pwllheli has made an apeal for volunteers to join the hard working team. The canolfan provides support for people with and recovering from mental health problems, alcohol and drug abuse. A drop in centre and many social activities are undertaken and Christine Jones would like to hear off volunteers who wish to contribute to this invaluable service to the community. Interested? phone Christine on 701611.

Youth Clubs Posted Thursday, September 13, 2001 by newyddion
There is a shortage of local people willing to run youth clubs. This is seen as yet another nail in the coffin of rural communities. According to Peter Williams head of the councils Youth and Community Services, the problems of finding dedicated local people are now as bad as ever. (at least since 1985). On a local level leaders and or assistants are required at - Llanbedrog, Tudweiliog and Abersoch. Anyone interested should phone Gwynedd on (01286) 679190.

Food Festival Posted Thursday, September 13, 2001 by newyddion
On November the 7th and 9th, Abersoch will become the location of a carnival of food. With help from the WDA's food Directorate local hotelier John Davies of the Carrisbrooke hotel and others will be holding holding demonstrations and lessons with a host of top chefs in a number of venues across Abersoch. Tv's ready Steady Cook's Brian Turner will be there with a seafood event at the sailing club, a cheese and wine session at the golf club and a traditional food event at the Land and Sea showroom. The events are an attempt to prolong the tourist season. Tickets can be had at 25 each from the Abersoch Tourist Centre.

Housing Posted Thursday, September 13, 2001 by newyddion
Local Assembly member Dafydd Wigley has again been voicing his opinion on the housing aspect of the problems facing the dissapearing Welsh speaking communities. Mr Wigley was bought in as troubleshooter to draft a consultation document for Plaid Cymru after initial comments by local councillor Seimon Glyn sparked off widespread condemnation of Plaids and other parties policies with regard to the plight of Welsh speaking communities.
Mr Wigleys latest comments in response to events in Exmoor National Park, where the park authority is trying to help local people afford housing instead of being swamped by incomers. Dafydd said " these plans by Exmoor are the type of measures that we in Wales could take." The similarities between the statistics for the percentage of second homes and the low level of wages (8-15k) are striking. Mr Wigley tempered these comments with the reality of the Assembly needing the will to push through legislation, and the fact that the emotive subjects of language and culture also come into play in Wales.

Aberdaron Sea Wall Posted Thursday, September 13, 2001 by newyddion
The problem surrounding the sea wall in Aberdaron rumbles on unresolved. More voices have been raised about a number of problems. The huge boulders set along the bottom edge are again causing concern. The steel pilling along the bottom of the wall is now clearly visible, and the large stones that were left around the base were initialy called unsightly, then dangerous and are now being blamed for the loss of sand.
This longstanding problem arose initially when, after the collapse of part of the cemetary wall, the council dumped large boulders on this delightfull beach as an immedeate response to protect the land untill a new wall could be errected. Now, five years later the boulders still litter the beach. The Church has denied responsibility for the wall and the Council seems unmoved by waves of complaints by residents and the community council. Calls for a handrail along the top of the wall have also fallen on deaf ears. It now appears as though residents may be forced to withold council tax payments. (Creigiau Aberdaron....)

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