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Llyn.net: Newyddion

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 Lleol-Local: Cargo Ship Sinks of f Llŷn Coast

NewyddionA mayday call was sent out from the Swanland cargo ship at around 2am this morning from 20-miles north-west of the Llyn peninsula in north Wales after the hull cracked.
Six people were initially thought to be missing, but one man was later found alive by coastguards.
Two others were recovered from the water, the Holyhead Coastguard said.

The Swanland

Posted by waen on Sunday, November 27 @ 18:38:39 GMT (3436 reads)
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 Lleol-Local: £25m boost for poorest areas in Wales

NewyddionNeedy Welsh areas have been given a £25 million boost to kick-start a recovery. Gwynedd will receive £1.3m.

“We are working to ensure that everyone has a good standard of housing especially in our poorest communities,” said Deputy Housing Minister Jocelyn Davies said.

The money will go to 36 renewal areas in 19 local authorities across the country. Renewal areas enable councils to focus activity and investment on areas that combine a need for assistance with the potential for regeneration.

Each council has its own action plan to improve housing and facilities in their renewal areas with the aim of kick starting wide-ranging investment and reversing the process of decline.

Announcing the funding at Port Talbot Jocelyn Davies said: “This programme will improve the quality of life for thousands of people across Wales, helping to restore confidence in towns and villages in need of regeneration.

Posted by waen on Thursday, January 22 @ 23:05:31 GMT (1880 reads)
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 Fund people at the coal face, not snouts at the trough

NewyddionFunding for the voluntary sector should be directed away from infrastructure organisations and towards those struggling to survive on the front line, according to a leading anti-poverty charity.

Many second tier organisations (STOs) face difficult issues of quality, credibility, conflict of interest and overwork and a number of seem to have lost their sense of purpose and focus.

The claims, by City Parochial Foundation (CPF), came in a report just published, which said small groups in particular feel their voices are not heard while funders and outside agencies decide what they need. It also revealed a lack of clarity about where appropriate support for different kinds of groups at different stages of development might be found.

‘There are many STOs but who they benefit, how they do it and when their intervention is appropriate is unclear to those who might seek their help,’ it said. ‘This encourages haphazard working in the sector.’

The report recommended that over time, funding should increasingly be directed to front line groups to put them in a stronger position to purchase the help they need, from the source that can best provide it.

It called on funders to accompany the move towards putting ‘purchaser power’ in the hands of front line groups by supporting a process of education about the significance of the role of STOs – especially councils for voluntary services – in promoting the voice of the voluntary sector.

Posted by waen on Wednesday, January 24 @ 23:38:58 GMT (3396 reads)
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 Drefniadaeth Ysgolion Gwynedd - re-structuring of education

NewyddionThis is a bilingual message, the English text can be found Here

Y mae yna fforwm newydd wedi ei sefydlu yn annibynnol o unrhyw sefydliad ar gyfer rhannu gwybodaeth a mynychu barn am Drefniadaeth Ysgolion Gwynedd, hefyd gynorthwyo Cyngor Gwynedd gyda'r broses ymgynghori.


Dywedodd Liz Saville -
"Mae gan Gyngor Gwynedd gynlluniau i newid sut mae ysgolion cynradd y sir yn cael eu cynnal. Prif amcan y sir ydi ffederaleiddio, sef sefyllfa lle bydd un pennaeth yn rheoli dwy neu fwy o ysgolion. Bydd hyn yn golygu cau ysgolion unigol a'u hail-agor fel safleoedd i ysgol ffederal newydd gydag un pennaeth ac un corff llywodraethol. Mae'r sir yn cynnal proses ymgynghori i drafod modelau posib (e.e. pa ysgolion fydd yn uno mewn ysgol ffederal ym mhob ardal).

Mewn rhai ardaloedd, mae pobl yn teimlo bod ffederaleiddio yn cynnig cyfle i gadw presenoldeb ysgol yn y pentref neu gymuned. Ond mewn ardaloedd eraill, mae pobl yn cwestiynu a oes angen newid y drefn bresennol."

Posted by waen on Wednesday, July 12 @ 23:05:58 BST (2671 reads)
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 Skills for Empowerment - Cardiff

NewyddionOn Thursday May 11th 2006 at the Welsh Centre for International Affairs, Cardiff, there will be a cross party (political) panel discussion sponsored by Sponsored by Ecotec & Welsh Housing Quarterly.

featuring: Eluned Morgan, Labour MEP for Wales Mark Isherwood, Conservative AM for North Wales Lembit Opik, Liberal Democrat for Montgomereyshire Hywel Williams, Plaid Cymru MP for Caenarfon

A major part of regeneration is engaging and empowering communities to take control and set their own agenda. Many projects and initiatives stand and fall because of the ability of professionals in this regard.

Essential skills are needed as well as a clearly defined approach in order to be able to successfully involve communities. Easy fix top-slicing of project budgets or imposing superficial, top down area wide stucco only provides a short term apparent , visual solution. Proven enbeded, and truly local community initiatives need to be nurtured and replicated by developing skills and individuals in their own 'microclimate' communities.

What options are available to help professionals develop these skills? How can organisations help their staff to become better equipped to deal with the challenges they face? What innovative ideas have some communities come up with to promote change in their neighbourhoods? This interactive one day conference will aim to deliver thought provoking and stimulating solutions to the many problems regeneration practitioners face in helping to empower the communities they serve.

It will include:
• Question Time style cross party panel discussion about policies influencing community empowerment and the best way forward.
• Interactive panel discussion with expert practitioners on what works when it comes to engaging communities.
• Tours and workshops to show how organisations have successfully engaged communities in regeneration initatives.
• What skills are needed by professionals and how can these be developed.
• How social enterprise can be used as a tool to bring about change.
• Unique networking opportunity - meet up with professionals from a range of disciplines and sectors and share ideas and experience.


Posted by waen on Wednesday, March 29 @ 22:29:59 BST (2442 reads)
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 Local Community on-line empowerment

NewyddionHere is another example of community empowerment through the use of an on-line community web portal.... not that again I hear you sigh..., Yes, this time up in Wakefield -

Wakefield District Community Online (WDCO) is a new website from Wakefield Metropolitan District Council. It allows local groups and organisations to promote events, jobs, local news and activities that residents can browse at their leisure. They can also build, develop and maintain their own website free of charge.


Posted by waen on Tuesday, March 28 @ 21:53:21 BST (3050 reads)
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 Welsh Assembly policy statements revealed virtually no action to tackle low pay!

NewyddionThese are the findings revealed in a report just out by the Bevan Foundation, -
Scrutiny of major Welsh Assembly policy statements revealed virtually no action to tackle low pay or pay differentials, the report said. Issues of job quality are narrowly addressed in terms of skills, avoiding discussion of job security, hours worked, job mobility and so on. And nowhere ‘is there any reference to employee rights, or indeed more than passing reference to equality at work’.

The rationale for getting people into employment was not social justice but to improve GDP, it said. ‘Insofar as there is concern with social justice, it is presented as somewhat unsophisticated ambitions to “help people into jobs” by reducing economic inactivity and to “improve job quality” by raising skill levels. And on some key aspects of social justice there is silence,’the report found.

A social justice agenda for the economy and employment in Wales would include the pursuit of full employment, ending poverty pay and ‘recognition and respect: the right to safe, fulfilling work, free from discrimination, harassment and fear’, the report suggests. Mwy...More...

Posted by waen on Thursday, January 12 @ 23:16:39 GMT (2857 reads)
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 Gosod Sylfeini Cadarn - Laying Strong Foundations

NewyddionThis is a bilingual message, the English text can be found Here

Sawl gwaith da chi 'di clywed pobi yn cwyno nad oes digon o adeiladwyr, seiri, plymars a trydanwyr ar gael pan mae rhywun eu hangen nhw? Wel, mae Partneriaeth Cymunedau'n Gyntaf Pen Llyn am wneud rhywbeth am y peth.

Dros y misoedd diwethaf cynhaliwyd gwaith ymchwil o fewn y diwydiant adeiladu i ddarganfod os oedd modd datblygu cynllun prentisio lleol i sicrhau fod yna gyfleon yn cael eu cynnig i bobl ifanc yr ardal, ac os oedd modd hwyluso'r gwaith o hyfforddi prentis o ochr y cyflogwr.

Mae'r bartneriaeth bellach wedi Iansio cynllun 'Cyswllt Prentisio' fydd yn cynnig gwasanaeth paru er mwyn dod a darpar brentis a chyflogwr at ei gilydd ac mae cynlluniau hefyd i ysgafnhau'r baich gweinyddol sydd ynghlwm a chyflogi prentis. Mae'r bartneriaeth hefyd yn cydweithio yn agos gyda Ysgol Uwchradd Botwnnog, sydd am y tro cyntaf eleni yn cynnig cwrs TGAU mewn Adeiladu. Byddwn hefyd yn cydweithio gyda'r ysgol i gynnig cyrsiau gyda'r nos i rai sydd eisoes yn gweithio o fewn y diwydiant.

Mae cynlluniau eisoes yn cael eu Ilunio i ymestyn y cynliun i gynnwys diwydiannau eraill, gan ystyried y gwersi ddysgwyd hyd yma.

Bydd rhoi cymorth i brentisiaid heddiw yn gofalu fod gwaith parhaol ar gael i'r dyfodol a na fydd yr ardal yn dioddef o brinder crefftwyr.


Note: Ffoniwch Cyswllt Prentisio - 01758 730309 -Phone Apprentice Link

Posted by waen on Wednesday, December 14 @ 23:39:19 GMT (2783 reads)
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NewyddionThis has just arrived, and is yet another example of how the built environment in Morfa Nefyn is being vandalised. Concerns have been raised by people all along Llyn about the size and nature of the luxury holiday flats development on the Linksway site, a well known landmark. It now appears as though another equally well known and much loved landmark, the Bay Tree in Morfa is now also under threat.

the bay tree

This has been sent to us by concerned residents in Morfa- The Bay Tree restaurant, Morfa Nefyn, designed/constructed in 1935, with distictive character including its single-storey appearance in conjunction with an interesting flat roof and internally positioned chimney layout ... is one of the very few remaining buildings of any historic interest in the villiage of Morfa Nefyn. The Bay Tree has similar design characteristics as The Moranedd cafe, Criccieth (1948) [now a Grade II listed building] and, although that 'flat roofed cafe' was designed by Clough William-Ellis, in my opinion 'our local landmark building' The Bay Tree ... deserves similar special consideration. Mwy...More...

Note: Planning Problems in Morfa Nefyn? .... Discuss Here

Posted by waen on Monday, November 07 @ 09:59:27 GMT (10114 reads)
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 MALlC 2005 - New Welsh Index of Multiple Deprivation

NewyddionThis is a bilingual message, the English text can be found Here

Mynegai Amddifadedd Lluosog Cymru 2005 (MALlC) yw’r mynegai swyddogol ar gyfer mesur amddifadedd mewn rhannau bychain o Gymru. Fe’i datblygwyd ar gyfer Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru gan Gyfarwyddiaeth Ystadegol y Cynulliad a’r Uned Ddata Llywodraeth Leol. Mae’n disodli’r mynegai a gynhyrchwyd yn 2000. Hwn oedd yn sail i dynodi ardaloedd Cymunedau'n Gyntaf.

Beth yw amddifadedd lluosog?
Mae amddifadedd yn golygu mwy na thlodi. Mae tlodi’n golygu bod heb ddigon o arian (neu hanfodion eraill) i’ch cynnal. Mae amddifadedd yn cyfeirio at y problemau sy’n deillio o ddiffyg adnoddau a chyfleoedd yn gyffredinol (nid arian yn unig).

Nid yw’n bosibl mesur amddifadedd lluosog, fel y’i defnyddir ar gyfer y MALlC, yn uniongyrchol – nid rhyw fath o arbennig o amddifadedd ydyw. Mae’n gymysgedd o wahanol fathau o amddifadedd, a gellir mesur pob un o’r rhain i ryw raddau. Ond nid yw’n fater syml o’u hychwanegu at ei gilydd i wneud mynegai cyffredinol gan y gallant effeithio ar ei gilydd a chael mwy o effaith os ceir rhai cyfuniadau arbennig.


Note: There is a forum to try and sort out some of the implications for Gwynedd - Yma...Here... in the lounge.

Posted by waen on Friday, November 04 @ 23:51:35 GMT (3094 reads)
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 Red tape is stifling innovation!

NewyddionRed tape is stifling innovation and putting people off voluntary and community sector work, an independent task force warned this week.

Launching the Better Regulation Task Force’s latest study, chair Sir David Arculus said too much bureaucracy could have ‘a negative impact’ on the public’s willingness to volunteer and the sector’s ability to make a difference to people other sectors fail to reach.

The study said poor, unresponsive regulation could hamper social innovation, especially in poorer areas where residents depend more on the third sector. Some 61% of people who responded to a task force survey thought regulation inhibited social innovation.

In one example, the report described how the environmental regeneration charity Groundwork is weighed down by nine separate pieces of regulation and ten regulatory bodies. Such burdens could lead to service cuts, it said, as is happening with Citizens’ Advice Bureau's being forced to cut opening hours to cope with the burden of paperwork.


Posted by waen on Wednesday, November 02 @ 23:30:12 GMT (3910 reads)
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Note: Nice one BIGBIRD, what's with the SHOUTING? the caps shift stuck? Agree with the sentiment though :-)

Posted by waen on Tuesday, September 20 @ 22:12:19 BST (1588 reads)
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 Oil Crisis? ....Rural double whamy

NewyddionNow that Oil prices seem to be sky rocketing, it could be just a coincidence, but an oil rig was spotted off the north coast of Llyn on Friday. Are the Hamilton oil fields off this A.O.N.B. about to be re-prospected, or is it just a 'passing' mobile rig?

This rig about 5Km off tudweiliog was heading west at 18.00 hrs on September 16th 2005

Sureley the natural elements of solar and sea are nicer (see above) :-)

Posted by waen on Friday, September 16 @ 23:11:31 BST (1395 reads)
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 Aberdaron Footpath - right to roam after substancial public funding?

NewyddionI know it's paraphrasing, but since it raises some salient points, and came attached with a petition regarding the 'footpath' signed by virtualy ALL the Deunant area residents.

Here is a virtually full transcript of a letter that was sent to Aberdaron Tourism Commitee recently - "In February 2005 the Welsh Tourist board presented research during at a meeting in Pwllheli which showed that whilst beach attractions declined due to the advent cheap packaged holiday, Wales was becoming the focus of more activity based breaks which tied in with the Council's strategy of developing cycle ways and footpaths. The figures were interesting; the average holidaymaker spent £27 per day whereas the people partaking in activities tended to be of a higher social group, spending approximately £40 per head per day. Walkers are estimated to contribute £450 million per year to the Welsh economy.

With the creation of the Pen Llyn long distance coastal footpath, there are incentives for the tourist committee to improve activity based amenities. Currently, there are several small items which cumulatively give the village a slightly unkempt feel, creating the impression that Aberdaron is not keen to attract visitors such as: Mwy...More...

Posted by waen on Friday, September 16 @ 22:27:11 BST (6993 reads)
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 £10billion Telecom Revolution In Wales

NewyddionCardiff and other surrounding areas of South Wales are set to be the "test-bed" for BT's 21st Century Network (21CN), this £10 billion project is a world-first initiative and will be closely watched by other leading telecoms companies worldwide.

  The 21CN is BT's attempt at moving away from the older circuit switched system to a more modern setup based on internet protocol (IP) technology, allowing for a more advanced range of services such as video.

  BT has carried out smaller scale trials in both London and East Anglia,however the 350,000 customers in the South Wales area will be the first mass migration to the 21CN, with the initial customers expected to be transferred to the network in the latter part of 2006.

 Rhodri Morgan the first minister of the Welsh Assembly said "It's incredibly exciting for us that Wales has been selected to provide the test-bed for BT's new 21st Century Network (21CN)".

Posted by waen on Monday, July 11 @ 20:13:57 BST (1329 reads)
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 New public convenience - Abersoch

NewyddionIt looks as though a new public convenience has opened up on Abersoch beach. The new open air urinal is ecologicaly sound and boasts the new sand filtration system at a reported cost of £63,000.

The developer a Mr Gerrard of Cheshire is reported by the BBC to have said- "I have always wanted a house here, and ideally a beach hut down here but they very rarely come up. When this plot of sand came up, we couldn't wait."

It looks as though these lads couldn't wait either!


Posted by waen on Monday, May 09 @ 22:52:17 BST (1886 reads)
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 Broadband for Rhiw?

NewyddionClywais heno gan Nesta y bod cyfnewidfa Rhiw a oedd yn ymddangos gan BT fel 'unviable', wedi newid statws! Mae'n ymddangos erbyn hyn, bod angen (45) o Rhiw i ddangos diddordeb, felly, tyrd ymlaen llwynogod Rhiw! -

BT's automated registration system that we were using can still be found Here, but has not been functional since the demise of the pre-reg scheme last April!
The status of the exchange at present is shown here- Rhiw exchange.

We will try and find out more off BT, in the meantime, the work laying fibre to Aberdaron trundles on-


Posted by waen on Thursday, February 10 @ 21:06:21 GMT (1395 reads)
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 Telecom infrastructure investment in Llyn.

NewyddionMajor investement by BT in extending the fibre network in Llyn will begin this week (the 5th of January).
This is the latest move by BT as a result of the B.B. campaign that resulted in the Aberdaron exchange reaching it's trigger level early last year -

Dic Aberdaron, (the BT broadband campaigner for Aberdaron) was unavailable for comment, but I'm sure he's happy!

The fibre is being installed by a Shropshire company, Wrekin, on behalf of BT and will take 8 weeks to complete. The work will take place on the B4413 from Aberdaron to Botwnnog, a distance of 4.7 miles. "It's a very positive thing to bring broadband to a remote part of the country." said Mike Penney of Wrekin. "We aim to keep disruptions to a minimum."

As the work begins, information letters are to be sent to all residents on the road affected. There will also be pre-work signs erected. The road may have to be closed for a time with traffic being diverted, but the company could not say at this point how much disruption there would be except that it would be minimal.

Wrekin are also setting up freephone number that residents can call if they have any individual problems. The freephone number is, 0800 525637.

Posted by waen on Tuesday, January 04 @ 20:54:30 GMT (1502 reads)
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 £6m for regeneration and redevelopment of coastal areas

NewyddionWelsh economic development minister Andrew Davies has announced plans to allocate a further £6m to the regeneration and redevelopment of coastal areas to build economic, social and tourism potential in areas of outstanding natural beauty.

There was also additional funding for social justice and regeneration amounting to £58m over three years. Priorities include rolling out the ‘communities first’ anti-poverty programme across the most deprived areas of Wales.

Both of these measures may impact on Llyn with talk of extending the marina and the two communities first areas in the Llyn AONB area.

This comes as part of the three-year spending plan, which follows chancellor Gordon Brown’s spending review in July, giving Wales an additional £2.5bn a year.

Welsh Local Government Association leader Alex Aldridge said: ‘Local government was seeking a larger increase than 5% and in this climate, pressures on frontline services will continue unabated.’

Plaid Cymru shadow finance minister Dai Lloyd said the settlement was poor compared with England’s 27% rise. He also attacked the absence of funds for rural economies.

The final budget will be announced next month, but if you can't wait, or want to see the draft-Welsh Assembly draft budget


Posted by waen on Wednesday, October 13 @ 22:53:44 BST (1358 reads)
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 strategaeth e-ddysgu ar gyfer Cymru / e-learning strategy for Wales

This is a bilingual message, the English text can be found Here
E-Ddysgu yng Nghymru: Datblygiadau Cyfredol a Barn Rhanddeiliaid ar Flaenoriaethau i`r Dyfodol

Mae`r ddogfennau yma`n darparu manylion ar gamau gweithredu cyfredol i ddefnyddio technoleg e-ddysgu mewn addysg a hyfforddiant yng Nghymru, a dealltwriaeth fwy eglur ynghylch sut y gallai hynny gyfrannu at hybu perfformiad a chyfrangogiad mewn dysgu. Mae`n cynnwys testun anerchiad cyweirnod gan y Gweinidog dros Addysg a Dysgu Gydol Oes.

Mae hefyd yn darparu dadansoddiad cryno o`r adborth a dderbyniwyd gan ymatebwyr i ymgynghoriad 2003 ar ddogfen 'strategaeth e-ddysgu ar gyfer Cymru‚' a gyhoeddwyd gan ELWa ac uned Cymru Ar-lein Llywodraeth y Cynulliad.

Gallwch dod o hyd i'r dogfennau yma:Yma


Posted by waen on Wednesday, October 13 @ 22:18:02 BST (1401 reads)
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 Antur Dwyryd-Llyn yn nwylo'r derbynwyr!

NewyddionThis is a bilingual message, the English text can be found Here
Mae 18 o bobl wedi colli eu swyddi yn Antur Dwyryd-Llyn, roedd ar Antur Dwyryd-Llyn arian i hyd at 100 o gwmnïau bach ac unigolion lleol, sefydlwyd Antur Dwyryd-Llyn yn 1988 i roi gwasanaethau hyfforddiant a menter i fusnesau lleol - diolch yn fawr am beidio talu £350 oedd yn dyledus i mi ers dros blwyddyn (sarcasm).

Derbyniwyd y cyfarwyddwyr £36,769 mewn (directors emoluments) y blwyddyn diwaethaf !
Dyma'r rhestr o cyfarwyddwyr ar yr amser-


Business eye? more like small local business poke in the eye! Mwy...More...

Note: Credudwyr Antur Dwyryd-Llyn Dewch Ynghyd, e-bostiwch - admin@llyn.net neu ewch i fforwm Fforwm Credudwyr Creditors get in touch at - admin@llyn.net or go to the Creditors Fforum

Posted by waen on Thursday, October 07 @ 01:23:00 BST (6393 reads)
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 Broadband use and childrens education

Newyddion Broadband is having a marked impact on children's education in the UK by helping them make the most of the internet as a research tool.

According to a detailed survey of 50 UK families by the Future Foundation, two-thirds of children with broadband access are spending more time using the internet for academic purposes, including research and revision.


Posted by waen on Monday, September 13 @ 13:56:32 BST (1535 reads)
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 System failure hits BT

Newyddioncofi writes "Just spotted this over at the register "Thousands" of UK ADSL users upgrading to a 1Mb service have had their broadband connection cut off because of a systems failure at BT.
At this stage it's not known exactly how many people upgrading from 512k to 1Mb have been hit by the snafu but some readers tell us that when they contacted BT tech support they were told that "thousands" had been caught up in the mess.

Posted by waen on Thursday, September 09 @ 21:40:33 BST (1634 reads)
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 New ADSL limits take effect

Newyddioncofi writes "Shortly before seven o'clock this morning, BT updated their online systems for the new ADSL line limits.

To check if you can now receive broadband, enter your telephone number into the BT.com checker. The checker at samknows.com has alread been updated to use the new limits information

Once again, it is advisable to leave any ADSL orders for at least a few hours (preferably a day or so). This will give BT Wholesale and its associated ISPs a chance to iron out any last minute issues."

Posted by waen on Monday, September 06 @ 10:38:22 BST (1258 reads)
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 Ofcom sends statement of objections to BT over residential broadband pricing

Newyddionofcom Following on from the story below, Ofcom proposes to make a decision that BT Group plc has infringed Section 18 of the Competition Act 1998 and Article 82 of the EC Treaty in relation to the company’s residential broadband pricing.

Ofcom has therefore sent to BT a Statement of Objections stating the facts of the case, the matters to which it has taken objection, the action it proposes and the reasons for this.

The investigation into BT’s residential broadband pricing was initiated by Ofcom’s predecessor Oftel after a complaint by Wanadoo UK plc and is ongoing.

BT now has the opportunity to make written and oral representations in response to Ofcom’s proposed decision. These will be taken fully into account before any final decision is made.


Posted by waen on Wednesday, September 01 @ 11:27:31 BST (1390 reads)
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 Higher Bandwidth and lower prices

NewyddionIt looks as though there is going to be deeper cuts in the war for bb customers this autumn. This is good news for customers with the emphasis on higher bandwidth and lower prices. This will be good news as the new bt line db rules also are about to come into play.
One big example is being shown by Wanadoo, who are getting rid of the baseline 512k offering and bringing in the 1mb connection as the new 'minimum' being offered.
Wanadoo, as part of its price changes earlier in the week has removed the 0.5Mbps from its product portfolio. Now they just sell a 1Mbps service, with three bandwidth allowance options.
Existing 0.5Mbps users will continue, but new customers will only have a 1Mbps option. If a customers line proves to be outside the new specifications for a 1Mbps line (due to change 6th September), then Wanadoo will provision a 0.5Mbps line. The number failing the new 60dB 1Mbps limit should be less than around 10% of lines.
This move to increase line rates while at the same time reducing prices makes some 0.25Mbps services offered by some providers look like antiques. There have also been calls from some service providers for BT Wholesale to widen its product portfolio and allow providers access to full-rate ADSL, i.e. up-to 8Mbps downstream and up-to 1Mbps upstream. The 2Mbps limit that has existed since 2000 on BT Wholesale products is starting to look a bit old.

Plusnet is also dropping the entry level price of its ADSL services with effect from yesterday.-
1Mbps from £14.99, and 2Mbps from £19.99!

Posted by waen on Friday, August 27 @ 21:17:53 BST (1546 reads)
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 Selling Online and Paying in Time?

NewyddionThe WDA's press centre is running a story under the heading of- Selling Online and Paying in Time, (www.wda.co.uk ) I am personally waiting for Antur Dwyryd Llyn to pay a bill for £350 for goods they purchased off me, that they received on 17-8-03!


Posted by waen on Friday, August 27 @ 00:03:29 BST (2563 reads)
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 BT to bring a million new customers within reach of b.band

Newyddionbt Broadband availability to match analogue TV coverage by Summer 2005 Distance limits removed for 512kb/sec ADSL services Range for 1 Mb/sec ADSL extended to reach 6km from exchange

BT today announced it was removing the distance related limits for the most popular broadband services, bringing potentially more than a million more UK homes and businesses within reach of broadband.

Following BT Wholesale trials in Milton Keynes and rural areas around Fort William and Dingwall in the Scottish Highlands, BT is confident a 512kb/sec ADSL service can now be provided to the vast majority of people beyond the former limit which was roughly equivalent to 6km distance from the exchange. Mwy...More...

Posted by waen on Thursday, August 26 @ 23:25:31 BST (1754 reads)
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 A Manifesto for a Digital Britain


ippr logo
The Manifesto for a Digital Britain was launched by Communications Minister Stephen Timms, on Wednesday 28 July.
A full outline of the Manifesto for a Digital Britain work programme is available from - www.ippr.org/digitalsociety

From July 2004 onwards, the Digital Society Team of the Institute for public Policy Research will be running a programme of seminars, conferences and research papers, leading up to the publication of A Manifesto for a Digital Britain in Spring 2005. Full details on this programme are available - www.ippr.org

The Manifesto for a Digital Britain is driven by the belief that new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are sufficiently important in our society and economy, that no area of policy-making can afford to ignore the implications of the changes that they bring. The rapid diffusion of ICTs produces new political choices at a rate that can be disconcerting. Yet, properly understood and exploited, ICTs can be channelled towards tremendous human benefits.

This is well understood by the UK government in Whitehall, only time will tell if Andrew Davies and the Welsh Assembly Government also understand this. When Stephen Timms announced that every exchange in the UK would be broadband enabled by the end of 2005 it was indeed followed up by the BT UK wide rollout announcement. Mwy...More...

Posted by waen on Saturday, July 31 @ 00:13:10 BST (1723 reads)
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 Grwp newydd 'EhanguBandEang' - New group 'ForwardBroadband'

NewyddionThis is a bilingual message, the English text can be found Here

'EhanguBandEang' yn Galw am Gynnydd yn y nifer sy'n derbyn Gwasanaethau Band Eang.
Mae ffurfwyr barn a dylanwadwyr mwyaf blaenllaw Cymru, sy'n cynrychioli strwythur bywyd Cymru, yn cyfuno i wthio'r nifer sy'n cael band eang i frig agenda gyhoeddus Cymru fel rhan o raglen farchnata Band Eang Cymru .

Lansiodd y grwp, EhanguBandEang sy'n cynnwys dros 50 o unigolion allweddol, eu mandad mewn cynhadledd yng ngwesty'r Rhondda Heritage Park Hotel, ar 27 Mai. Maent yn cynrychioli 'etholaethau' unigol yn cwmpasu'r sectorau gwirfoddol, cymunedol, busnes a chyhoeddus.

Posted by waen on Thursday, June 10 @ 11:41:24 BST (2117 reads)
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