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 A new Linux distribution for the Linksys WRT54G

ewrt is a linux distribution for the Linksys WRT54G wireless router. It was forked from the Sveasoft Samadhi2 distribution by Irving Popovetsky and Brandon Psmythe of Portless Networks, a wireless networking company in Portland, OR.
See the slides from the presentation at the PersonalTelco monthly meeting The goal of the project is to maintain a stable and secure platform for use in enterprise and wireless ISP environments while providing key features to compete with commercial-grade wireless solutions like Cisco and Proxim.

Posted by waen on Tuesday, May 04 @ 13:17:02 BST (4357 reads)
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 Wireless Broad Band for Rhiw?

Di-wifrAccording to BT Retail chief exec. Pierre Danon at the Actnow conference yesterday, BT will now go ahead with a plan to deploy fixed wireless systems that they trialled in Pwllheli, N.Ireland and Scotland.
Click Here for Information on BT's Radio Trial in Pwllheli
However, the telco said it wouldn't "go it alone" and insisted that such investment would have to be shared.
He said that BT plans to invest around £22 million by 2005 in setting up a total of 35 public private partnerships across the UK to bring broadband to areas where exchanges have not been enabled.

Posted by waen on Friday, February 06 @ 11:06:01 GMT (1000 reads)
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 5.8GHz Band C services - Ofcom announcement


Ofcom today announced the allocation of radiocommunications spectrum intended to deliver a new kind of low-cost wireless broadband connection to the most remote communities in the country. The new licences can be applied for from 5th January 2004, and are open to both ISPs and community groups.

Wireless broadband services founded on the newly-released 5.8GHz Band C spectrum range will offer significant benefits to people who live and work in the UK's rural communities, many of whom are unable to access fixed-line broadband infrastructure.
Mwy / More...

Note: The Pwllheli BT trial uses this frequency - Pwllheli Trial

Posted by waen on Monday, December 29 @ 18:18:54 GMT (2367 reads)
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 BT's Pwllheli Broadband Wireless trial under way!

Di-wifrWell done all you lucky wirless trialists. This is the first time that residents can join those few lucky businesses in Pwllheli on the Broad band information super highway.
As you can see from the picture of the roof of the Pwllheli exchange the 3 sector ariels are (according to engineers) up and running.
The engineers are working on putting the 'client' side ariels up, but don't expect to have finished before sometime next year.

Read more....

Note: For more information about this trial contact BT- here
Or see our info., tech. & help page on the trial- here

This Broadband trial is totaly seperate to our broadband community network that has been operational for the last 4 months!
And if you are a trialist, please leave your comments, either at the end of this article, or on the forum (dont be shy now!)

Posted by waen on Wednesday, December 03 @ 23:34:05 GMT (2776 reads)
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 Broadband Trial for Pwllheli -sign up now and be 1 of the lucky 30

Di-wifrThe first 30 lucky people to go and sign up at the following site can become part of one of the mesh radio trials being run for a 3 month period at Pwllheli. All people who have expressed an interest in Broadband on the Pwllheli exchange will be contacted by BT soon. That by our rekoning is at least 116 people. Heres the rub- only 30 of you will, however be needed so - Cyntaf i'r felin, Read more.....

Note: This Broadband trial is totaly seperate to our broadband community network that has been operational for the last 4 months!

Posted by waen on Sunday, November 02 @ 02:14:32 GMT (1629 reads)
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 Not-for-profit Broadband for rural Northamptonshire

Di-wifrResigned to the fact that West Haddon and Winwick, near Rugby, would not be commercially viable for BT to upgrade their exchange, 11 locals clubbed together to fund their own high speed Internet service.

The technology employed uses a wireless network with the signal hopping from building to building. This uses either small roof or loft space antenna and less than one seventeenth the power of a mobile phone.


Posted by waen on Wednesday, September 24 @ 22:51:59 BST (1186 reads)
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 BT Wi-fi payphones

Di-wifrvandal-proof Wi-Fi installations - about the size of a phone book have been fitted to 91 of BT's public phone boxes. 200 public payphones should have Wi-Fi by Christmas. Read More......

Posted by waen on Wednesday, September 24 @ 22:46:13 BST (1318 reads)
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 Linksys (aka cisco) - Centrino/ market consolidation

Di-wifrLinksys, the number one provider of home and SOHO wireless products and now a division of Cisco Systems today did a joint announcement with chip powerhouse Intel Corp. The two have established a joint technology and marketing program.

Fears have been raised that this 'co-operation' will lead to an unhealthy influence on the wireless market. Read more.....

Posted by waen on Tuesday, July 22 @ 00:40:55 BST (1948 reads)
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 Broadband via satelite and Wi-Fi

Di-wifrIreland's South West Regional Authority is testing services that will see thousands get low-cost broadband in a scheme that involves satellites and Wi-Fi.

The organisation, which promotes the coordinated delivery of public services in Cork City, County and in Co. Kerry, said it is testing the service with the aid of networking hardware firm 3Com and Irish wireless broadband services company Ildana. 3Com is providing the "last-mile" 802.11b (Wi-Fi) wireless connections, while Ildana is providing the satellite package from Massachusetts-based iDirect.

Read more....

Posted by waen on Wednesday, July 09 @ 19:59:47 BST (2311 reads)
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 All the players in the same room could close the digital divide

Di-wifrGovernment, industry and rural campaigners will come together in a meet on the 9th in an attempt to drive forward the Broadband agenda. The Rural and Regional Broadband Conference will take place in London on 9 July. It has been organised by a group of community broadband activists who want to accelerate the rollout of high speed Internet access throughout the UK. Be there and help unbundle the local loop.........

Posted by waen on Saturday, July 05 @ 00:42:13 BST (2518 reads)
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 UN urges wi-fi for all

Di-wifr"It is precisely in places where no infrastructure exists that wi-fi can be particularly effective," said Mr Annan, "helping countries to leapfrog generations of telecommunications technology and infrastructure and empower their people."

Mr Annan said - "governments, telecommunication regulators, technology firms and enthusiasts should work together to ensure that nothing stands in the way of broader wireless network use."
For us this means - The assembly, The county council, Gwynedd economic Partnership, B.T., and presumably enthusiasts such as us!....I'm game, anyone else?

Posted by penllyn on Monday, June 30 @ 02:21:48 BST (1310 reads)
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 802.11g the centrino standard

Di-wifrA working group within the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), an organization responsible for setting standards for the networking industry, finished work on the most recent version of the 802.11g wireless networking specification last week. That version, 8.2, will likely be the final form of the 802.11g specification, which is expected to be approved as a standard at an upcoming IEEE meeting on June 12.

Posted by penllyn on Wednesday, May 28 @ 01:46:54 BST (2034 reads)
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 Paris Wi-Fi network

Di-wifrCisco Systems announced today that it is working with Naxos, one of two telecommunications subsidiaries of the Regie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP), the Independent Paris Transport Authority, in a WiFi (wireless fidelity) test of local area network points deployed in the city's metro stations.

Posted by penllyn on Wednesday, May 28 @ 00:51:04 BST (1852 reads)
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 Tune in ,logon and log off!

Di-wifrIn a bizzare twist festival goers this summer will be able to watch their favorite groups, run to the can and logon to download Mp3's, all thanks to MSN U.K.

Just wash your hands after logging off

Posted by penllyn on Sunday, May 11 @ 22:31:29 BST (2627 reads)
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 Wireless Wales: Andrew Davies speaks

Di-wifrAndrew Davies, Minister for Economic Development discusses his views on the future of wireless networking for Wales. itwales.com

Posted by waen on Saturday, April 26 @ 01:29:49 BST (2051 reads)
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 Cisco to Acquire Linksys

Di-wifr "The Boston Globe is reporting that networking giant Cisco Systems plans to acquire Linksys later this year for $500M, thus entering the consumer market. Linksys also has a press release. The good news is that those who bought a Linksys access point now have a Cisco access point for 1/2 of the price ;)"

Posted by waen on Saturday, March 22 @ 17:25:52 GMT (841 reads)
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 Oil-Cooling 802.11 Infrastructure

Di-wifranon. writes "A group of 802.11b fans in Tordera,Tordera, Spain, are running a wireless nodewireless node on the roof of a building, with the idea of a free wireless network for everyone on the neighbourhood. It´s a system running linux with a home made can antenna, mounted on a plastic tool box in the roof. To keep it cool under the sun and protect it from rain, wind, they have immersed it into vegetable oil (yes, the whole thing). As oil is non-conductive, everything should run fine. The site is in Spanish, here is the google translation and the google cache."

Posted by waen on Monday, March 17 @ 02:09:13 GMT (1257 reads)
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 Live Vorbis Streams Over 802.11b

Di-wifrSXSW.com in Austin, Texas has a group of computers in various music venues around town. The ices/icecast stream is sent over 802.11 to a main server at SXSW. There are 6 venues running as of this moment. SXSW

Posted by waen on Sunday, March 16 @ 12:18:42 GMT (950 reads)
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 D-Link Ships Multimode A/B/G Wireless Router As Part of Its Integrated Multimode


D-Link is the first company to ship a router, PC card and cardbus adapters as part of its solution of multimode wireless 802.11a/802.11b/draft compliant 802.11g networking products. D-Link also announced it will ship its multimode G/A/B access point before month's end. D-Link's new A/B/G product line supports each IEEE wireless networking standard including 802.11a, 802.11b and the draft compliant 802.11g specification.

"D-Link is the first to provide a multimode A/B/G router to drive the network to the Internet," said Steven Joe, President of D-Link. "Now, with the release of our new multimode A/B/G line, D-Link delivers an all-in-one choice for wireless networking."

Posted by waen on Tuesday, March 11 @ 01:35:29 GMT (4368 reads)
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 The low-cost Locusts' Swarm

Di-wifrAnonymous writes "Based on open source and able to work as a router, gateway and repeater, LocustWorld'sinnovative MeshBox may provide an open access point for community networks and ultimately shake up the Wi-Fi world.

Originally released as a bootable CD-ROM, the MeshBox system fits on a 32MB CompactFlash memory card and is designed to provide the capabilities of a set-top Internet appliance and wireless mesh router.

MeshBox also works as a thin client workstation that's equipped with a Web browser; instant message client; remote desktop and windows terminal server client; and MPEG video and MP3 audio player; and offers peer-to-peer file sharing capabilities and network support.

It's available as a system, or as downloadable software, which, in theory, should let users easily distribute it. And with omni or directional antennas and a broadband Internet connection, it has the potential to cover any area with Wi-Fi access."

Posted by waen on Thursday, February 27 @ 11:19:45 GMT (1117 reads)
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 Wifi world distance record

Di-wifrWireless broadband connectivity achieved over 310km using equipment from Alvarion
The Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) announced today that they have transmitted information via a broadband wireless link over a distance of 310km. They believe that this is the longest distance achieved using wireless connectivity.
The link was made between a stratospheric balloon that was launched from Esrange near the town of Kiruna in northern Sweden and a base station located near Esrange.
Onboard the balloon was an antenna supplied by Alvarion, the world’s most successful provider of broadband wireless products. The antenna was connected to a high-power amplifier with 6 watts power output, a camera and a server. Data, such as environmental conditions and weather patterns, was collected and the information was sent back to Esrange via an Alvarion base station which measured 2.4 meters with 6 watt power output and automatic tracking of the antenna using GPS technology.
Information received at the base station was then sent back to Esrange via the internal network. The information between the balloon and the base station was transmitted over the 2.4GHz spectrum (2480 Mhz which the SSC is allowed to use with higher ERP) with a stable signal strength of -68 dBm.
The round trip ping response at 300Km was 300-500 mSec.
The weather balloon reached a maxium height of 29.7 km and drifted steadily. It finally touched down east of Sodankylä in the northern part of Finland, having travelled approximately 315 Km.

Posted by waen on Tuesday, February 25 @ 14:03:31 GMT (899 reads)
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