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Llyn.net: Windozzz...

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 Welsh Windows

Windozzz...This is a bilingual message, the English text can be found Here

Iaith yr nefoedd ar meddalwedd o ufarn....
Mae Pecyn Rhyngwyneb Cymraeg ar gyfer Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home Edition neu Windows XP TabletPC yn darparu Rhyngwyneb Defnyddiwr Cymraeg ar gyfer y rhan fwyaf o Ryngwyneb (80%) Defnyddiwr Windows XP.

Mae Microsoft wedi gweithio gyda Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg er mwyn datblygu dau becyn rhyngwyneb Cymraeg – y naill ar gyfer Windows XP, a’r llall ar gyfer Office 2003. Gallwch eu llwytho yn rhad ac am ddim,

Posted by waen on Thursday, December 02 @ 00:08:59 GMT (4044 reads)
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 Midi Windows security flaw

Windozzz...Microsoft has given the flaw its highest severity rating. (They should have just printed a health warning on windows boxes!)

The flaw affects a large number of the versions of Microsoft Windows in use.

Vulnerable software 'products' include- Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, NT 4.0

The vulnerability comes about because of the way that a part of DirectX, called DirectShow, handles MIDI or music files. Read more...

Posted by waen on Thursday, July 24 @ 22:48:42 BST (1857 reads)
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 Microsoft fixing patch that slows Windows XP

Windozzz...Microsoft is revising a security patch for Windows XP systems with Service Pack 1 installed after customers complained that installing the patch slowed their systems down to a crawl.

Posted by waen on Friday, April 25 @ 20:19:56 BST (1451 reads)
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 Windows key leak threatens mass piracy

Windozzz...A key code for installing Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 has leaked onto the Internet, a loss that could lead to widespread piracy of the software. A Microsoft spokeswoman confirmed the leak late Monday and said Microsoft was investigating the matter. The code key leak comes more than two weeks before the software's scheduled release on April 24. ZDNet

Posted by waen on Sunday, April 13 @ 01:53:40 BST (1023 reads)
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 security vulnerability

Windozzz...Microsoft Windows 2000 supports the World Wide Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) protocol. WebDAV, defined in RFC 2518, is a set of extensions to the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that provide a standard for editing and file management between computers on the Internet. A security vulnerability is present in a Windows component used by WebDAV, and results because the component contains an unchecked buffer.

Who should read this bulletin: Systems administrators running Microsoft ® Windows ® 2000

Posted by waen on Wednesday, March 19 @ 01:54:14 GMT (934 reads)
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 Opera Press Releases - microsoft

Windozzz...Opera Press Releases

Opera releases "Bork" edition

The Swedish Chef Goes After Microsoft

Oslo, Norway - Feb 14, 2003

Two weeks ago it was revealed that Microsoft's MSN portal targeted Opera users, by purposely providing them with a broken page. As a reply to MSN's treatment of its users, Opera Software today released a very special Bork edition of its Opera 7 for Windows browser. The Bork edition behaves differently on one Web site: MSN. Users accessing the MSN site will see the page transformed into the language of the famous Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show: Bork, Bork, Bork!

In October 2001, Opera users were blocked from the MSN site. The event caused an uproar among Web users and MSN was forced to change their policy. However, MSN continues a policy of singling out its Opera competitor by specifically instructing Opera to hide content from users.

"Hergee berger snooger bork," says Mary Lambert, product line manager desktop, Opera Software. "This is a joke. However, we are trying to make an important point. The MSN site is sending Opera users what appear to be intentionally distorted pages. The Bork edition illustrates how browsers could also distort content, as the Bork edition does. The real point here is that the success of the Web depends on software and Web site developers behaving well and rising above corporate rivalry."

MSN now allows access to users of Opera 7, but is still targeting and sending users of earlier versions a broken page. This treatment is completely unnecessary, as the page would look the same in Opera as in Microsoft's own Internet Explorer if it had been fed the same information.

"We are working hard to make sure the Opera browser works well on all Web pages, even those that do not follow the Web's standards to the letter," says Hakon Wium Lie, CTO, Opera Software. "But it becomes impossible when we are targeted and fed distorted pages that don't work in any browser. It's like putting a moose in the blender -- a recipe for disaster! Microsoft should clean up their act on MSN and their other Web sites."
Opera press release - Opera

Posted by waen on Thursday, February 20 @ 13:25:44 GMT (1020 reads)
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 Microsoft hits back in mobile row

Windozzz...Microsoft has rebuffed a complaint from UK mobile phone maker Sendo, which had accused the software giant of planning to plunder its trade secrets.
Birmingham-based Sendo sued Microsoft last December in a Texas court, after the two firms ditched an agreement to develop jointly multimedia mobile devices.
Sendo switched to Nokia as a technology partner, after fears that Microsoft was passing its intellectual property on to rival mobile makers.
Now, Microsoft has flatly rejected the accusation, and countered with the charge that Sendo had "consistently failed to meet its contractual obligations to design and develop" its now-defunct Z100 phone by the agreed deadlines. The US firm has asked that the case be dismissed.
Two systems The case underlines Microsoft's troubles in promoting its Smartphone multimedia technology.
So far, only mobile operator Orange has launched a phone based on Microsoft Windows software.
The rival Symbian system, which originated with handheld computer firm Psion, has already spawned nine phones from three manufacturers.
The difference, analysts say, is that Symbian provides its software source code freely to its licensees, while Microsoft keeps its technology a closely-guarded secret.

Posted by waen on Friday, February 07 @ 15:15:42 GMT (633 reads)
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 Bill's boxes slammed again

Windozzz...If you have a SQL 2000 server on your network, then you’ve probably heard about the Slammer, or Sapphire, worm that ran amok last weekend and took down much of the Internet. The patch actually was available, though since Microsoft only classified this as a “moderate” risk last July, you might’ve overlooked it. From here, it looks like a tad more serious than a moderate problem… If you’ve been attacked, or just need the patch, check the Microsoft site for information on what to do about it:

SQL Server 2000 Security Tools

(notice that the situation’s been upgraded to “critical”).

SQL Scan (Sqlscan.exe) scans an individual computer, a Windows domain, or a range of IP addresses for instances of SQL Server 2000 and MSDE 2000, and identifies instances that may be vulnerable to the Slammer worm. SQL Scan runs on computers running Windows 2000 or higher and can identify instances running on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.

Posted by waen on Monday, February 03 @ 23:33:54 GMT (779 reads)
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 Free Windows software to configure -the Apple AirPort Base Station

Free Windows software to configure  the Apple AirPort Base Station At £190, the Apple AirPort Base Station is the cheapest wireless Access Point that complies with the 802.11b wireless networking standard. It comes with an Ethernet port, a V.90 modem and it includes the WaveLan card. Unfortunately, it only comes with configuration software for the Apple Macintosh Operating System.
FreeBase was written to allow Windows users to configure the Base Station, and to allow replacing the WaveLan card with a 'WaveLan/Orinoco Gold' card so users can have strong encryption.

If you're in a hurry and just want to configure your Base Station: 1. Click to download the FreeBase installer 2. Run the .exe 3. Read the very short readme.txt 4. And away you go.

FreeBase is free software released under the GNU General Public License, and comes with absolutely no warranties of any kind. FreeBase is written in Visual Basic, and the source code is freely available.


Posted by waen on Thursday, January 30 @ 11:28:08 GMT (988 reads)
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 Opera 6.05 i Windozzzz, fersiwn Cymraeg - Welsh version

Windozzz...Opera 6.05 fersiwn Cymraeg! (English fersion also available)
Java 11 MB
Non-Java 3.4 MB

Posted by waen on Wednesday, January 29 @ 01:03:39 GMT (986 reads)
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 Gwe-lywiwr ar gyfer Mozilla v1.0

Windozzz...Os ydych yn defnyddio unryw fersiwn o Windows ar eich cyfrifiadur yna gellwch llwytho 'installer' cyfleus ar gyfer Gwe-lywiwr Mozilla o'r gyswllt canlynol :

Posted by waen on Sunday, January 26 @ 23:28:33 GMT (1064 reads)
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